How Come the Symbol of Ljubljana is a Dragon?

“Instead of rampant horse and warrior statues like in the rest of Europe, there are dragon statues everywhere. And that’s pretty cool and unique.” @NomadicMegan, Travel Writter In Slovenian capital, dragons come in all shapes and sizes. There has to be …

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Which language do you speak?

BOUTIQUE NATION Slovenia has its own language that not many people speak apart from the two millions Slovenes. It's a Slavic language with quite a few "peculiarities", including the dual case. The first printed books in our language date from …

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Where is actually Slovenia?

Slovenia is a Central European country clustered between rather larger neighbours - Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Seen from high above, its shape reminds of a hen, which happily lives in a beautiful and natural environment encompassing the Alps, the …

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