The formula for a sparkly incentive

Spring is in the air! All around, there’s sounds of murmuring, splashing, dripping and churning, foaming and roaring, trickling and spraying; energy. Water. The source of life, the elixir of Mother Nature. Slovenia is tremendously rich in water sources, ranking among the …

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Marvels of the Kras and the Mediterranean

Nature sheds its winter attire, donning a lively green dress to perform its dazzling dance. There’s something wonderful in the air, something exciting, the moment calls for adventure in the wilderness. Slovenia is especially motley during this season, with its …

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Land of Milk and Honey

Right! Winter’s been chased off by the mythical Kurentand it’s time to turn a new leaf. Slovenia is literally in bloom as its dreamy Alpine meadows burst into motley flowers, kindly inviting the bees to pasture. Did you know Slovenia …

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Oh, the joys of springtime!

Spring brings a smile to most faces, moreso after a long and cold winter. In Slovenian cities, springtime is certainly one of the busiest seasons, and this goes for the meetings industry as well. This year is especially vibrant – …

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Balance in mind and body

Culture is an essential element of travelling. The spirit of a destination, its heartbeat, is often first perceived in the geographical context. Can you imagine if the whole world knew just one culture? Every nook of the world would seem …

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Slovenia, whence thy beauty?

“Sir, please fasten your seatbelt and put up your seat!” I’m stirred from my nap by the voice of the flight attendant. “We’re just about to land,” she adds in a friendly tone. I straighten out the seat, buckling up, …

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Ljubljana, in search of city wonders

It’s early morning in February, waking me into an idyllic urban setting. The gaze darts across the brick rooftops of Old Ljubljana, dressed in shiny-white now. Beyond rises the lovely Ljubljana Castle in its winter attire. Further, towards the city’s …

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Piran, the secret miniature Venice

Somewhere at the edge of the world, where the road ends and spills into the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find a charming little town. A place where dawns are caressed by the murmuring waves, the distant cries of seagulls and sunrays …

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