How Come the Symbol of Ljubljana is a Dragon?

“Instead of rampant horse and warrior statues like in the rest of Europe, there are dragon statues everywhere. And that’s pretty cool and unique.” @NomadicMegan, Travel Writter

In Slovenian capital, dragons come in all shapes and sizes. There has to be a fierce creature to protect the city from bandits …. and nothing is more scary than a dragon! Maybe this is why Ljubljana is a really safe city. Jokes aside, you’ll feel relaxed walking downtown on your own at late hours. You can’t claim the same for many other cities – but this might be because they don’t have a dragon sitting on top of the castle tower in their coats-of-arms, as we do.

Actually, one can find dragons everywhere: in a legend about the foundation of Ljubljana (the poor beast got perished by Jason), captured in wrought-iron balustrades along the river, standing as mighty statues at the four corners of the famous Dragon Bridge. They also live in many homes, as “dragon(-ess)” is the loving nickname we use for our mothers-in-law ….

Arhiv Novic
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