Cultural and Congress center Dolenjske Toplice is located in the heart of the Topliška valley between the natural hot springs in the midst of a mighty Kočevski Rog.

For almost 10 years we create a successful story of the cultural and congress tourism in this part of Slovenia. Under our Centre we organized some important events like: Gazela award ceremony, celebration of the 45th and the 50th anniversary of FerroČrtalič Ltd. We also organized expert meetings from areas of health, education, law and the meeting of the European Council and the meeting of the Slovenian Tourist Organization, to mention just a few.

Cultural and Congress center Dolenjske Toplice offers modern facilities for organizing cultural events, congresses, seminars and other professional meetings. All rooms are air-conditioned and allow the use of modern audio-visual equipment, access to the internet, modern sound system etc.

Contact Person: Željko Hohnjec

Address: Sokolski trg 4

ZIP: 8350

City: Dolenjske Toplice

Phone: +386 (0)7 30 65 150

Fax: +386 (0)7 38 45 190



Max. capacity plenary room: 260

No. of meeting rooms: 6

No. of hotel rooms: 0

Destination: Cities

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