110 Years of Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana

Grand Hotel Union
Grand Hotel Union Ljubljana

Opened on 28 October 1905, Grand Hotel Union is Ljubljana’s longest continually running conference hotel dedicated to providing a comfortable and beautiful experience to guests visiting wonderful Slovenia and the city of Ljubljana. This dedication results in guests being able to enjoy a memorable hotel experience on a daily basis.

The know-how acquired over the decades provides a good basis for growing business excellence and the tradition is a guarantee of trust and quality for Grand Hotel Union’s guests. But the hotel’s tradition is also a source of amazing stories associated with the hotel – Grand Union Café and the Union Hall, for instance, are the former meeting place of the greatest Slovenian artists and intellectuals (the painters Rihard Jakopič, Hinko Smrekar, Ivan Čargo, the writers Ivan Tavčar, Ivan Cankar, Oton Župančič and many others) and new stories are still written there every day. That is why Grand Hotel Union is much more than merely a hotel. It is a venue providing guests with a meaningful experience on many levels.

It is important not to merely continue the hotel’s tradition, but to conquer it and strengthen it through innovative changes

“Grand Hotel Union is a jewel of authentic heritage and I am really honoured to be a part of its remarkable 110-year-old story. Every day we write a new chapter where tradition is combined with trends and personalization in a way that really appeals to our guests’ experience in every respect. Last year, we carried out a number of renovations and added new state-of-the-art technical equipment. The meals we serve are made of locally grown, seasonal produce, we host numerous cultural events throughout the year and have more than 170 wines to choose from on the hotel’s wine list. In November, we are introducing the concierge service and adding a new business lounge at Grand Hotel Union Business. As hospitality and openness are characteristic of Slovenian people, our interactions are genuinely kind. And because Grand Hotel Union, opened way back in 1905, constitutes a prominent part of Ljubljana’s and Slovenia’s past and present, our guests actually become part of the local scene and tradition.” said Tomislav Čeh, General Manager of Union Hotels

A milestone in technology: in 1905, Grand Hotel Union boasted central heating, a lift and telephones, all of which were technologies that were still rather rare in the region at the time. When it was opened, the hotel offered 87 rooms. Another interesting historical detail are the public gymnastic performances and the first gym of the Gymnastics Society Orel (dating back to 1906), which was equipped with modern gymnastics equipment and was founded by Janez Evangelist Krek.

Grand Hotel Union is best known for its stunning Art Nouveau architecture, but it is also the largest conference hotel in Ljubljana.

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