12 Reasons to Experience Vipava Valley Year-Round

Vipavski križ
Vipavski križ

Vipava Valley, Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2018 destination, is worth visiting all-year-round. The local tourism board just unveiled 12 unforgettable all-year-round experiences.

Cuisine, wine and hearty farms

Cuisine delicious locally sourced ingredients turn each dish into an inspiring story on the plate. From the typical local inns to the world-renowned fine-dining restaurants (Gostilna Pri Lojzetu – Zemono Mansion, received the highest Gault&Millau marks) – Vipava Valley is home to all of these.

Exceptional Vipava Valley wines are known far and wide. The valley boasts many indigenous old grape varieties. Organic and biodynamic Vipava Valley wines are considered to be one of the best in the world. Treat yourself to a superb wine tasting experience, get to know distinguished wine producers and treat yourself with a bottle of wine at one of well-stocked wine shops.

Hearty farms: where ingredients for incredible plates at local restaurants are grown. If visiting in January, do not miss to taste the Goriška radicchio, which is traditionally grown here – and tastes delicious, of course.

Adrenaline adventures, hiking and cycling

Adrenaline adventures: ready for some paragliding? Did you know that Vipava Valley hosts Europe’s first early spring hang-gliding competition?

Hiking: hiking loversmay explore diverse trails which may at times be ascended in sleeveless clothing even during winter months.

Cycling: ride a bike along the rolling hills of Vipava Valley and explore romantic vineyards and charming mansions along the way – cycling in Vipava Valley can be fun during a surprising number of calendar days.

Anciant Roman stories, castles and sacred heritage

Take a look at the well-preserved remnants of Ancient Roman fortifications in Ajdovščina. The legend goes that one of the battles between the Roman emperors was decided by the Vipava Valley’s powerful Burja wind.

Castles and mansions: just think of the Lanthieri Mansion, Zemono Manor (where you can also spoil your taste buds), Rihemberk Castle or Kromberk Castle: one castle per season, maybe?

Castles and sacral heritage: A Franciscan friary is located in Kostanjevica above Nova Gorica, with the tomb of the final lineage of the French Bourbon kings, the precious Škrabec Library and a great collection of bourbon roses. In the scenic medieval hamlet of Vipavski Križ, a Capuchin monastery will delight you with its famous ancient library and numerous fine arts.

Natural wonders, clear waters and Trnovo-Banjščice Plateau

The valley is verdant indeed, in all senses of the word. Did you know over two thirds of the Vipava Valley’s nature is protected, with a major part belonging to the Natura 2000 area? 

Clear waters: Especially picturesque are the source of the River Vipava, Europe’s single delta source formed by several springs, and the source of the torrential River Hubelj.

The Trnovo-Banjščice Plateau: a special treat for the end: no need to explain this one. Visit and see if for yourself!

Slovenian Tourist Board and Visit Vipava Valley