16th World Congress in Fetal Medicine in Ljubljana

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre hosted the 16th World Congress in Fetal Medicine from 25th to 29th June 2017, designed both for those specializing in fetal-maternal medicine and those with a more general clinical interest who want to be updated on developments in the field. Leading international experts and young researchers will present and discuss the latest developments in fetal medicine.

From Sunday, 25th June until Thursday, 29th June 2017 GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre was the place of exchanging the knowledge on Fetal Medicine, specializing in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Over 1,000 participants from Europe and all over the world shared their knowledge on experts in the field of this specific area of Fetal medicine.

Doc.dr. Nataša Tul Mandić, Ph.D., Head of the Clinical Department of Perinatology at the UKC Ljubljana Gynecology Clinic and member of 16th World Congress in Fetal Medicine Organizational board: “I’m exceptionally proud that this year we can again invite doctors and scientists working in the development of fetal-maternal medicine to Ljubljana. The meeting will be very important for international participants, as well as domestic experts who cannot afford frequent and mass departures abroad. Knowledge acquisition, exchange of experience, linking and deepening of contacts is easier on the home territory, foreign experts are always interested in what is happening in the local environment, so the meeting in Ljubljana will be important for the development of our medicine, our recognition. “

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre plays a very important role providing the local organizational support, hosting the plenary session, including the entire technical equipment and logistics in the organizational sense, organizing additional events outside their convention centre such as a gala dinner for all participants in an open space in the city center, an excursion for 400 participants across Slovenia, and many other additional activities. Strong support and professional services of excellent GR team with their effective execution means they will once again be the best and just like their slogan says: “Don’t stress. Relax. GR does the rest”.

Following the previous World Congress in Fetal Medicine, taking place in Mallorca, Spain in 2015, Ljubljana the 2016 Green capital hosted the 2017 congress. Buzzing congress destination has undergone some major improvement in recent years regarding the congress and MICE industry, improving their infrastructure, additional offer, hotels infrastructure, etc. In August 2017, the Slovenian capital will also open their first 5-star hotel, InterContinental Ljubljana with its excellent location just a 1-2-minute walk from GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.