2019’s Biggest International Congress Focusing on Vascular Diseases Took Place in Slovenia

In 2019, the Slovenian Society for Vascular Diseases had the honour of organising the annual meeting bringing together three most important international organisations in this field: ESVM – European Society for Vascular Medicine, IUA – International Union of Angiology and CEVF – Central European Vascular Forum. The large international congress, which attracted almost 400 delegates, also incorporated a national annual meeting. The congress took place between 10 and 13 October at Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, whose in-house congress organising team discharged the responsibilities of a PCO.

Various medical cases were presented from the aspect of both diagnosis and treatment, which also included the latest surgical procedures. Pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers of medical apparatuses and utensils played an important part in the meeting.

“The joint congress of vascular diseases is this year’s most important European meeting focused on the diseases of the blood vessels”, said President of the Congress, Prof. Dr. Matija Kozak. The meeting deserves even more attention given that it was – in addition to the 11th European Congress of Sports Medicine, taking place between 3 and 5 October in Portorož, Slovenia, also under the watchful eye of Cankarjev dom’s PCO team – the first meeting after the Slovenian national airline Adria Airways was declared bankrupt. The organiser experienced the crisis first-hand but successfully coped with the difficulties caused by the cancelled flights. Giving special attention to each participant, the organiser found an appropriate solution to every problem and successfully implemented both congressed within the set frameworks.

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