3 venues to watch in 2015

Meeting planners must stay abreast of the newest destinations, venues and activities they can propose for their events. In the fast-paced meeting industry, it is therefore crucial the local DMCs share their destination expertise. In opinion of Intours DMC, these three venues in Slovenia will be interesting to watch in 2015.

1. Eco-tourist resort Garden Village Bled
In the close vicinity of the world famous Lake Bled, a luxurious eco-tourist village opened its doors. Enchanted tree houses, glamping tents, a restaurant with a stream flowing through it, adventurous pier tents and sauna in a shape of a bird nest are just some of the attractions of the Garden Village Resort. With its scenery and attention to details, this eco resort offers almost a dream experience. The Garden Village Resort is suitable for smaller groups, seeking an exclusive retreat, and of course the eco-conscious guests.

2. Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa
In the Slovenian Salina Nature Park the unique outdoor spa centre Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa opened its doors to groups seeking relaxation and a bit of pampering in a natural environment. At the Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa guests are offered a special experience of traditional thalassotherapy amidst the salt pans using natural products, produced in the Salina Nature Park. The saline landscape in captivating and gives the impression that long ago, time stopped here.

3. Underground wine cellar
On the border between Italy and Slovenia, the Zidarich family built a wine cellar in a spectacular cave that spans 20 meters underground. The underground wine cellar is modelled on the famous caves of the Carso and created using only the natural materials of the region. It is a unique venue for interesting barrel tasting, followed by savouring traditional homemade delicacies in a local restaurant.

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