5th Conventa Crossover paved the way for future events

Conventa Crossover 2020, Marko Delbello Ocepek
Conventa Crossover 2020, Marko Delbello Ocepek

The first hybrid edition of Conventa Crossover proved that the basic human need of exchanging opinions and ideas is much stronger than restrictions and fears connected to the pandemic. According to the first post-event feedback, the organisers exceeded all expectations and provided over 200 attendees with an exclusive insight into the future of the meetings industry. Additionally, more than 1000 of you will learn about the event through Kongres Magazine’s web portal, where we will be posting the most important findings and ideas from the event, as well as interviews with the speakers.

Gorazd Čad, the founder of Conventa Crossover said: “In a time when the whole world is afraid of what’s next, optimism is a rare thing. Bad news travels much faster than good news and in only a few months, events have drastically changed and marketing strategies have been turned upside down. I am proud that we had the courage to organise Conventa Crossover in the midst of a global pandemic and strict restrictions. This proves that we are truly an agile and inventive community.”

If there is one thing we’ve learned through the lectures of 30 amazing experts at Conventa Crossover, it’s that change is inevitable. By the same token, the meetings industry is enduring and live events will never die.

Just like music, events are a universal language. Ask yourself, what is more exciting, listening to a live concert or a song through your headphones? There is a time and a place for both, but nothing can replace the energy shared at events. That energy is priceless and it’s the reason why meeting planners won’t be throwing in the towel just yet. It’s the reason why the organiser of Conventa Crossover use their slogan: POWER TO THE MEETINGS! It is a concept that advocates more quality and greater responsibility; to the attendees, environment and ourselves.

Gorazd Čad mentioned that we live in a confusing world and we have to do our best to adapt: “It was not until we started dealing with restrictions on gatherings and constant safety threats by the media that the fragility of our industry became evident. An industry that is based on codependency and symbiosis of so many key players. I think the fundamental goal of the event was achieved – sharing a positive message and setting a good practice case for similar hybrid events.”

What went on at the 5th Conventa Crossover?

The event consisted of 5 segments. In the first programme segment, pioneers in the field of event digitalisation discussed the trending dilemma of live versus online events. The second part was dedicated to relationships between clients and event agencies. Based on the discussions, the attendees had to write a short sales pitch that would convince a potential client to buy their product/service. The third segment brought insight into how the largest international event agencies readjusted their business strategies. The first finalists of the Conventa Best Event Award competition were also presented. In the fourth segment, a full afternoon was dedicated to destination marketing and how leading regional convention bureaus adapted to the new pandemic reality. The last part of the event got creative juices flowing with out-of-the-box topics on the universal language of music and events.

Wanna join us next year? Save the date for Conventa Crossover 2021: August 25 – 26, 2021.

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