A bottle of fresh drinking water for the delegates

A congress Lepton Photon (17th – 22nd Aug 2015), GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is renowned for its rich supply of high quality drinking water. Protecting water sources is one of the sustainable projects that have brought Ljubljana the flattering title of European Green Capital 2016.

In August GR is hosting the international congress The Lepton-Photon as the major High Energy Physics event under the auspices of IUPAP C11 Commission on Particles and Fields, alternating biennially with ICHEP.

GR as a co-organiser of this congress  took charming initiative: a glass bottle will be given to each participant. Namely, water is best kept in a bottle that you can use again, simply refilling it and not creating a necessary waste. At GR and in Ljubljana the water coming from the taps is untreated, natural drinking water.

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