A New Boutique Hotel in Bohinj Perfect for Incentives

SUNROSE 7 HOTEL_entrance
SUNROSE 7 HOTEL_entrance

Before becoming Sunrose 7 Heritage Boutique Hotel, the original hotel building went through quite a lot. Despite it being a brand-new hotel, its history actually dates back to 1890. Let us explain …

The hotel was built by a successful businessman and local wood merchant. When the famous Bohinj railway connecting Vienna and Trieste was built in 1906, Bohinj experienced a tourist renaissance and the hotel became known as one of the best in the region.

Attracting high-profile visitors from around the region, its prestigious guest list includes members of the Empire’s Royal Family, along with numerous societal VIP’s. After the war, the only thing left of the hotel was its restaurant, Kavarna pod kostanji, which became quite popular among the locals. Since being nationalized in 1967, the hotel had not had private owners. Until 2018, when ownership was transferred and one year later, Sunrose 7 Heritage Boutique Hotel began operations.

Hotel Sunrose 7 is a real heritage site, where 129 years of tradition intertwine with a touch of modernity. Some elements of the old hotel were kept intact, like sections of the façade and the famous hand-ironed fenced with traditional ornaments.

What makes this boutique special is its “digital detox concept”. There is no TV, phone or other multimedia devices. The hotel’s main goal is to promote socializing, reading books, venturing out into nature and taking in everything that Bohinj and its surroundings have to offer.

It is an intimate place, where adults can escape everyday life. They also offer personalized all-year-round incentive programs and team-building activities, making it perfect for smaller corporate groups. For bigger events, the Bohinj Eco Hotel is just 100 meters away. There are 18 stylish rooms, all carrying the same theme; wood, which makes you feel even more connected with nature and that is what this hotel is all about. It invites you to explore the nearby alpine meadows or the famous valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes in the heart of Triglav National Park.

Special venue

There are many special spots around the hotel that can be used for all kinds of events, like the garden or the wine cellar. Even the lobby can be used as a venue, welcoming up to 36 guests.