A Special View Through the Prisojnik Window

Only twice a year, it happens that the sun shines through the Prisojnik window, which represents a special natural phenomenon of Slovenia.

Prisojnik (also called Prisank) with its height of 2.547 m is one of the mightiest mountains of the Julian Alps, with many natural attractions such as the “Pagan Girl”, front and rear Prisojnik window.

The front window is the largest natural window in Slovenia, 80 m high and 40 m wide. This geomorphological phenomenon occurred at the fault zone in limestone and dolomite. If we look the front window Prisojnik at a specific angle, the opening shows in the form of an inverted heart. The famous window has already attracted Valvasor, today it is channeled through it challenging and marked Kopiščar Path.

Among the biggest traits of the front Prisojnik window is a special phenomenon, if the sky is clear, twice a year the sun shines through the window at the Vršič road which is certainly a memorable event.

More info: http://www.slovenia-trips.com/

Photo: Franci Pogačar