ABC DMC: Comfortable, safe and green: from the capital to the Brewery Experience in Kamnik

A team of mobility experts and experienced connoisseurs of Slovenia from ABC DMC (ABC RENT A CAR AND TOURISM) offers transportation for individuals, small groups, or large parties to hidden corners of Slovenia, located as far from the capital as the client desires. Various transportation options are available: by car, train, bus, bicycle, or on foot – depending on your preferences.

Today they take you to Kamnik: 22 km from Ljubljana (30 minutes by car, 45 minutes by train).

A culinary walking tour in Kamnik

A culinary walking tour around four breweries in Kamnik, a town with the highest number of breweries per capita in the world.

This romantic medieval town, one of the oldest in Slovenia, is known for its brewing tradition. Over the last 15 years, new boutique breweries have emerged here, connected by the Beer Route. This excursion, spiced with beer tastings and excellent local snacks, usually lasts three hours but can be extended – perhaps with a medieval dinner or a party in a brewery.

Along the beer trail, accompanied by a guide, guests take a stroll with a tasting mug that is attached to their belt or backpack with a carabiner. They learn about the history of the town and entertaining anecdotes about the city, its people, and beer. Part of the program includes a visit to a brewery and a meeting with the brewer, who passionately shares their experiences with beer production and their beer with the visitors.

Photos: ABC DMC, Nina Medved and Tjaša Janovljak

If the guests travel to Kamnik by train, the fun can start on the train itself. A picnic basket with snacks, accompanied by musicians… The ABC team is looking forward to the ideas and wishes of your guests.