Adria Airways Summer Timetable

Adria Airways
Adria Airways

With its summer timetable and new direct services, Adria Airways is expanding its network of flights. For many people summer is a time for holidays and travel, so Adria will ensure that Slovenia is well connected, with direct flights from Ljubljana to 21 cities around Europe. Adria will also be flying to 11 destinations from Pristina, Tirana, Amsterdam and Munich.

A new feature of Adria’s summer timetable is a scheduled direct service between Ljubljana and Cologne. With three flights a week, this service is ideal both for business travel and for those who want to spend a long weekend in the famous capital of the Rhineland. Flight times are coordinated with arrival and departure times of flights between Ljubljana and Pristina, Skopje and Tirana, allowing passengers to travel between Cologne and these cities with a brief stopover in Ljubljana. Adria has also added two new destinations for the Balkans market. Four direct flights a week between Tirana and Munich and two weekly flights between Pristina and London help meet the needs of this market and simplify travel to this part of Europe.

Adria is also increasing the number of flights to and from Poland. Existing services between Munich and Lodz and between Lodz and Amsterdam will be joined by a new service connecting Munich and Olsztyn.

The Adria Airways summer timetable, which is valid from 27 March 2016, will thus include 209 scheduled flights each week: 161 of them from Ljubljana (to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Podgorica, Prague, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Stockholm, Tirana, Vienna, Warsaw and Zürich), 13 from Pristina (to Frankfurt, Munich and London), 15 from Munich (to Lodz and Olszytn), 13 from Tirana (to Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich and Paris) and 6 from Amsterdam (to Lodz).

During the summer season, charter flights operated by Adria in conjunction with travel agents connect Ljubljana with popular holiday destinations in the Greek islands (Zakynthos, Lefkada, Cephalonia, Skiathos, Chios, Santorini, Rhodes, Kos, Lesbos, Mytilene, Samos, Crete and Karpathos), Turkey (Antalya), Egypt (Hurghada) and Spain (Girona – new in summer 2016). Adria will also be flying from Graz or Klagenfurt in Austria to Cephalonia and Kavala. Once again this summer Adria will be operating a service between Tel Aviv and Ljubljana, with the aim of bringing Israeli tourists to Slovenia.

Adria’s scheduled services connect Slovenia to the wider world. In close cooperation with its Star Alliance partner airlines, Adria Airways offers an excellent range of competitively priced connections throughout the world. The network of the 28 Star Alliance airlines covers 98% of the countries of the world. Star Alliance members operate 18,500 flights a day to 192 countries and 1,300 different airports.