Aerodrom Ljubljana Sustainability Report 2015

Aerodrom Ljubljana is taking a comprehensive approach to sustainability through a series of measures. They understand that their activities affect the environment, and particularly that of the nearby population, therefore they try to recognise, analyse and continuously reduce harmful impacts on the environment. Their efforts towards sustainable development are now systematically and transparently presented in one place for the first time, in the 2015 Sustainability Report.

The Ljubljana Airport strives to meet the requirements and preferences of their passengers, business partners and guests, and to establish long-term relationships with them, through the efficient management of business processes. They pay a great deal of attention to the regular monitoring of the needs and wishes of airport users, while at the same time trying to exceed their expectations. The satisfaction of airport users is one of their most important objectives, therefore they are continuously monitoring user satisfaction, the results of which serve as an important basis for the planning of future development.

The Ljubljana Airport is active participant in the Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme, a programme which sets European airports on the pathway to carbon neutrality. Their environmental management system is ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified, which confirms the high level of services, their focus on continual improvement and the effectiveness of our operations. Aerodrom Ljubljana carefully manages energy resources, raw materials and waste, and we have stepped up our efforts to steadily reduce the harmful impacts of our operations and activities on the environment by implementing office greening measures, for which we received a European Green Office certificate. Since they are aware that lowering noise emissions as far as possible significantly increases the quality of life of the nearby population, they strive to ensure the highest possible level of provision of information on noise level measurements. Thus in addition to publishing regular periodical reports they have an interactive application on their website through which average indicators of the noise produced by aircraft flying over residential areas during takeoff and landing can be monitored in real time. They are engaged in preventing the danger of bird strikes through a comprehensive approach to the environment and the preservation of biodiversity which includes locating bird food in areas which route birds away from the airport.

Aerodrom Ljubljana is also a safe and conscientious employer. They make large investments in training and education, and we prohibit all behaviour that could affect the dignity and privacy of their employees. They ensure the enforcement of measures in the event of infringements through the Rules on Prevention and Elimination of Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace. They have also received the Respected Employer Award for 2015 and the Family-Friendly Company certificate.

In addition, the Sustainability Report also contains a basic company profile, a description of the company’s operations and future development, a presentation of the principles of sustainable communication, specific projects which demonstrate the company’s sustainable attitude towards its employees, passengers, visitors, business partners, suppliers and the environment, and social responsibility activities. The report was compiled in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines.


Ljubljana Airport


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