Alma House: Art, literature and music combined

Alma House in Medana, Slovenia
Alma House in Medana, Slovenia

In the heart of the village Medana, a remarkable house has been standing for over a century and a half. The owners have decided to turn it into a unique place, where art, literature and music await you. Meet Alma: Art, Literature and Music Appartment.

In the heart of the village Medana, a remarkable house has been standing for over a century and a half. Framed between two roads and a lush garden of roses, it commands attention like a pilaster. Its name is Alma, after the woman who had left her deepest mark here. Others who stayed there throughout time left their own mark as well, and now the owners have decided to put this inspiring story on display, giving the place brand new wings.

Here, you’ll step into tradition mixed with fascinating content. The house is in fact a modern art gallery where you can actually stay. It features three double rooms, which showcase beautiful objects found around the premises adding a playful three-dimensional texture. In the lounge, you can unwind yourself in the greenery, enjoying an exquisite glass of wine, cup of tea or coffee. 

The estate puts on display various exhibited works of visiting artists, who also hold workshops there. Chat with them or type your memoirs, impressions, poetry or short story on a vintage typewriter. Through the veranda window the eye wonders towards mounts Korada, Matajur and Kanin in the north. The southern vista kisses the famed Medana belfry or ter as they call it. In the morning it will pleasantly ring you awake, announcing the noon
with its clarion call or sounding an Ave Maria at sundown. It is a metaphor, legacy, matrix of the Slovenian spirit. Hear the forgotten sounds of a wonderful bell, among the most melodious far and wide.

The softness of the Goriška Brda hills and friendly people, excellent food and wines and the interplay of the Mediterranean and the Alps are just some of the reasons why Alma House is definitely worth visiting.

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