Alpine Slovenia: Bohinj’s green initiative

Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj

Tourism Bohinj has launched a LinkedIn campaign to promote the connection of providers, decision-makers and users in the sustainable operation of tourism and beyond. With “green” initiatives, they put the care of the environment, local people and local stories first.

Bohinj, a destination that has received numerous awards in the field of sustainable tourism, continues the green movement, which will be extremely important in the period after COVID.

At the end of August, Tourism Bohinj launched a campaign on LinkedIn under the slogan: Alpine paradise under Mt Triglav in Slovenia. Pioneering a new destination-first sustainable tourism model, which communicates that sustainable management is the key to our coexistence with nature. They present sustainable practices at home and around the world, raise awareness of the importance of sustainable operations in tourism and beyond, and promote the integration of all stakeholders.

In order to make tourists aware of the importance of sustainability, they set up a “living room” model, where visitors are invited to treat the destination as their living room. The model, which puts destination and care for the local population and local stories first, is based on the assumption that tourism is like a living room, where the owner makes sure that the space is pleasant for both him and the guests. Tourist destinations should do the same. Respect for visitors to the destination and mutual trust between the local population and tourists will be crucial in tourism according to COVID, which will lead to a unique experience and reduce the negative impact on the environment.