An exciting discovery for incentives: Hotel Plesnik in Slovenia

Hotel Plesnik_Logarska Valley
Hotel Plesnik_Logarska Valley

Pretty-as-a-postcard, Hotel Plesnik – the winner of tmf dialogue’s #coffeebreakcampaign on Facebook – is a 4 star family owned hotel located in Logarska dolina, a landscape park in Slovenia with fabulous mountain views. The sun terrace, the rooms, the swimming pool – they all provide visual feasts of the unspoiled nature and the soaring peaks of the Slovenian Alps.

The 80 year old tradition in hospitality is noticed right away: the owners are great, welcoming and very thoughtful, really keen to ensure all guests have a good time. Nina Plesnik explains: “My grandfather built the first hotel 500 meters away from today’s location. My aunt Martina Plesnik built the new hotel in 1995. This year it is our 20th anniversary and I’m very proud of that.”

Hotel Plesnik is a member of the Hiking and Biking Union of Slovenia. The top recommended activity for the region is a guided cycling tour, offering you the chance to see the theatrical settings of the region. A bonus of uniqueness is the underground 5 km long cycling tour that you can enjoy in the mining museum in Mezica.

The possibilities for incentives for outdoor enthusiasts are tremendous in the region. You can start with adrenaline rides for your group like rock climbing, rafting on river Savinja, canoeing in a waterfall and 3D archery tracks in the woods. Or choose more relaxed and creative alternatives such as butterfly or wild animal watching and fishing in the river. Moreover, you can join a felting workshop where you might discover new hobbies, like the trendy wool processing.

A guided walk through all the corners of the Logar valley is a chance to get your head around the location. There are a lot of outdoor games which can be organized as well as many fun social games. For example, Martina Plesnik founded the Bridge Club Plesnik and the hotel has been constantly organizing special international events for Bridge players, like the Gourmet Bridge in November, where in addition to playing cards, guests enjoy a social evening with a special dinner and wine tasting.