Announcement: New Director Appointed at the Slovenian Convention Bureau

Fredi Fontanot
Fredi Fontanot, Acting Director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau

The Slovenian Convention Bureau is thrilled to announce the confirmation of Fredi Fontanot as the Director of the organization.

We are delighted to see Fredi Fontanot transition from his role as the Acting Director to the Director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau. His commitment to developing competencies and fostering innovation aligns perfectly with the Bureau’s goals. As the Slovenian Convention Bureau, our mission is to promote Slovenia as a premier destination for conferences, meetings, incentives and events. With Fredi at the helm and the dedicated team at the Bureau, there is a strong assurance that the organization’s vision and strategic approach will drive it to new heights.

“I am extremely honored and delighted that our members have recognized me as the right person to lead such an important institution that plays a crucial role in Slovenian tourism. The meetings industry is a central pillar of Slovenia’s tourism sector, making our operations of decisive importance.

Personally, I am a strong advocate for collaboration and seeking synergies. Therefore, together with our members, partners, and other key stakeholders in the meetings industry, we will continue to explore new and effective ways to promote Slovenia as a green, active, healthy, and sustainable destination suitable for hosting congresses, business, cultural and sports events, as well as motivational trips.

It is important to emphasize that this is a team effort with long-term goals. Our team is prepared for the challenges that lie ahead and committed to achieving success,” said Fredi Fontanot, the newly appointed director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau for the next four-year term.

Fredi possesses a good understanding of the meetings industry and recognizes the immense social and economic potential it holds for Slovenia. With the right support and a focus on innovation, we believe that Slovenia’s meetings industry can achieve its full potential and make a significant impact on the country’s growth.

The Slovenian Convention Bureau will continue to provide excellent services, foster collaborations, and strengthen relationships with partners worldwide. We look forward to an exciting future as we work together to position Slovenia as a leading destination for conferences and events. 

We wish Fredi the best of luck and great success during his first four-year term!