Another Successful Event at the Brdo Estate

Brdo Estate – The Domain of Delights offers different event venues with strong character on almost 500 hectares of fenced park.

Many of the advantages of the Brdo Estate are best described through words of one of the Brdo Congress Centre’s clients – Husqvarna, the global leader in outdoor power products, who has organized a big presentation there recently:

“We are looking for suitable locations for our events, that we organize for our business partners,  every year. We are quite demanding costumer, because we need huge outside areas, which offer possibility to test our machines for landscaping.

Brdo Estate certainly fulfilled these conditions – there were enough surfaces for our activities, even though we had three days long event and new customers every day. Flexibility of the employees of Brdo Estate was really impeccable.

In addition to the outside surfaces, big indoor halls are very important for our events as well. Congress centre Brdo has several of them to choose from. Modern design of congress centre, beautiful estate and excellent cuisine have astonished us and our guests. Especially guests from Austria, who were here for the first time, are happy to remember this event. Brdo is definitely location, we will return to.”

The Brdo Estate today represents a unique study of history, culture, architecture and nature thanks to 500 years of uninterrupted development. You may choose between modern multiple awarded congress centre, pleasant and cosy hotel, the Duck island in the middle of the nature and other unique and historic venues for all types of events in a pristine green setting of Natura 2000. It’s a place where you can indulge concern for your comfort to their professional staff and experience the most memorable events.