Autumn Rustles in Slovenia’s Cities

City Museum of Ljubljana, Photo by Andrej Peunik
City Museum of Ljubljana, Photo by Andrej Peunik

The pavement plays stage to a dance of colourful leaves: from golden-yellow and orange to fiery red; the air is ripe with the scent of roast chestnuts, the bars and restaurants by the rivers, in the city parks and the squares busy with people. Live music echoes from various points as merry groups mingle, chatting in the sun. Socializing outdoors, in all its delights!

It’s indian summer in town; autumn has visited the urban setting. In addition to spring, this is the year’s liveliest season when Slovenia weekly welcomes conference attendees from all over the world. Our cities, generally considered “stress-free” zones, then acquire some extra cosmopolitan sparkle, buzzing with the international creative flow of knowledge, expertise and networking. It’s no wonder Ljubljana this year hosts its record number of international conferences with over one thousand participants.

Slovenia’s green urban environments offer the parallel enjoyment of metropolitan utility and pristine nature. On every step you’re sure to experience a diversity of features and sights, alongside the friendly touch of hospitality. The petite size of our country is also its greatest advantage, unique in its colourful range of experience where distances are tiny and everything is within reach.

Maribor, known as the “Styrian capital”, is home to the oldest vine in the worldand a place where autumn happenings abound. Charmingly small yet Slovenia’s second biggest city, it accommodates a wealth of activities in urban nature. Its locale offers splendid ways to cycle, hike, ride, pursue adrenaline and other sports thrills, all of it rounded out by extraordinary cultural, wine-and-cuisine and wellness experiences. In the centre of the Štajerska region you can dive into the Pohorje Mountains – a sea of green – get lost in the surrounding winegrowing hills, take refuge in city oases or embark on a sup paddling trip down the River Drava. It’s all close, the choice is yours! 

Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016, offers countless natural pearls along its avenues and surroundings. You can stroll through the Tivoli Park, ascend mount Rožnikwhich is especially radiant in autumn, perhaps explore the remnants of ancient lake-dwelling cultures in the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park or enjoy the amazing views of the nearby mount Rakitna, maybe catch the bursting of saffron on mount Velika Planina where a genuine shepherds’ meal and the tasting of traditional trnič cheese are simply a must. Whatever floats your boat!

As long as the weather is nice, Fridays feature the “it” event of the week – Ljubljana’s Open Kitchen. It’s not just another culinary gathering, a tourist must-see-experience or the weekly checkpoint for ambitious locals, but rather a proper hub of Friday’s happenings across the city, the treffpunkt of the day. The stars of the “Odprta kuhna” are the dishes, prepared on each sunny Friday in warmer months by a throng of distinguished creators: kneading, stirring, yelling, roasting, frying, cracking jokes, rolling, seasoning, passing around culinary magic surrounded by a zesty atmosphere. Shhh … an insider’s nod for a cool experience in the cool capital. The gourmet food, drink & music festival in the open might fit right into your incentive as a great place to celebrate life in a crowd of like-minded strangers. Why not? After a successful conference, upon prior appointment with the team of the Open Kitchen, business guests exchange coupons for a selection of treats by our country’s top chefs and simply … enjoy their time. If your event doesn’t wrap up before evening, you can still rest assured the site will be up until 22.00 at least, as animated as during the day.

Of course, don’t forget Ljubljana is a compact green capital where getting from point A to point B often means simply a pleasant walk or a bicycle ride through the city, past its many charming sights and, what’s best – the experience of that genuine urban pulse every traveller wishes to dip their feet in. More than enough time, then, for some joie de vivre in Slovenian style.

Our cherished writer Brina Svit, speaking in Paris at a promotional event organized by the Slovenian Convention Bureau, described her country thus: “Slovenia, a destination with the best location.”Rings true, in more than one context – geographical, cultural, social, economic … and great chemistry happens when all these factors come together. The appeal of our sites lies precisely in their multi-sensory palette of emotions; the excitement of diverse variety on a small scale. Come and see for yourself!

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Welcome, and let us impress you!

Author: Jasna Jašič, Marketing & Communications Manager, Slovenian Convention Bureau

Photo: Andrej Peunik, Visit Ljubljana