Bled – Insider’s guide to the best incentive destinations of Slovenia

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Accessibility and accommodation

The nearest international airport, Ljubljana Airport at Brnik is only 36 km away from Bled. Direct shuttle bus service and private transfers between the airport and Bled are organized throughout the year.
Less than an hour outside of Ljubljana by car lies the beautiful city of Bled and its famous lake. Bled lies approximately 45 km from the national border with Austria and Italy. You should know that it may get very crowded on Sundays in seasons at the end of highway. Once you’ve reached the town, there is ample parking available. For those with electric cars, there is a free charging station. Bled has one close train station, but unfortunately is not located in the centre of town. Lesce-Bled station is 4 km away, meaning you will either have a lengthy hike or short bus ride.

Bus from Bled leaves hourly on the half-hour from the main bus station to Ljubljana and the number of direct connections to cities further away are limited. From Ljubljana you will find more buses to your final destination. To go around the lake, you can take a coach, a tourist train or you can rent a bike, an electric bike or a Segway. With traditional pletna boat you can ride to the island.

Bled provides a good range of accommodation facilities from hotels (mostly 3*** and 4****), pensions, garni hotels and pensions, private rooms and apartments, youth hostels, tourist farms and even camping.

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Gastronomy scene, dinning and food

In Bled you will find from local and regional specialties, to flirtation with international culinary achievements. One of Bled’s specialty is Bled cream cake, recognised as a dish with a protected designation of origin. More than 10 million cream cakes have been baked in Bled.

You can visit different inns, restaurants, patisseries, pubs and cafes, tourist farms, wine bars and brewpubs and try gastronomic heritage of this Gorenjska part of Slovenia.

Locals and tourists also like to visit festivals when in Bled, which does not lack. The most recognized is Bled Festival which offers concerts, masterclasses, jazz, rock, pop and ethno workshops. If you are in Bled in June you should visit Bled Film Festival which celebrates the power of film.

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Vital Plus at Camping Bled
This multi-day glamping programme focuses on your vitality and includes workout sessions such as morning yoga, cycling on Pokljuka and jogging, during which participants get to know the sights of Bled. Invigorating breakfast will be served on the pier, the lunch will have to be caught first and one of the dinners will feature live cooking by chef Simon.

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Chef’s Table
A 3-hours event, the Chef’s Table is an ultimate culinary experience encouraging the team to head into the kitchen with their colleagues, partake in an interactive coking demonstration, filled with fun cooking tips and tricks and afterwards bond over a seated meal.

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Paddling on Lake Bled
The crew of the wooden tourist boat consists of four or five rowers. In addition to competitions between the crews, participants will experience fun tasks, or simply enjoy beautiful views and discover hidden corners of the island of Bled. Think less to think more is the motto of this programme, which is designed for entertainment, relaxation, and to encourage interaction between your groups.

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Castle Images of paradise
The Lord and Lady of Bled Castle will meet participants. Divided into four groups, they will visit the castle printing works, wine cellar, forge and museum for an insight into history. The tour of the castle may be followed by a performance of medieval dances or a concert, while dinner at the castle restaurant is also an option.

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Rowing with Olympians on Lake Bled
Accompanied by Slovenian rowing Olympians, participants will learn basic rowing skills in professional racing boats. Eight-person crew demonstrates the balance between individual strength and team performance. The experience will allow your team to feel the physical, mental and emotional aspects of working together – to move a boat efficiently and with speed.

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Velika & Mala Zaka
Velika and Mala Zaka are bays on Lake Bled, opporite the town centre. Velika Zaka serves as the finish for rowing competitions, the infrastructure for which can be used as a special venue. The stand is ideal for watching races or cultural performances and has a capacity of up to 500, while the VIP lounge in the stand and the umpires’ tower on the opposite shore are suitable for receptions of 100 and 50 guests respectively.

Bled Castle
The imposing Bled Castle has been brooding over the lake on a steep 130m rock for centuries. The castle restaurant provides excellent service and fine cuisine. Function spaces include the main restaurant, which can accommodate up to 60 guests, the Knights’ Hall and the wonderful upper castle terrace.

The King’s Club House
The King’s Club House on the Bled Golf Course is a gem of rustic architecture with a homely atmosphere, delighting guests with excellent international and regional cuisine. Social gatherings can be organised in its beautiful restaurant, seating up to 95 guests, or on one of the outdoor terraces, suitable for 100 and 50 guests respectively.

Avsenik Inn
The Avsenik Orchestra, founded by Slavko Avsenik, has sold over 30 million records and influenced countless other bands. The salon can accommodate groups of up to 80, while the multi-purpose hall has a large stage and can hold up to 250 guests. There are frequent live concerts of ‘oberkrainer’ orchestras, and guests can visit a museum on the premises.

Vila Prešeren
The Vila Prešeren is a trendy café, restaurant and guesthouse housed in a traditional 19th century villa set beneath the castle hill, directly on the lake shore. For a reception or barbecue, larger gatherings can make use of the terrace in nice weather, while there are also two interconnected rooms indoors. Setting up a marquee in front of the Vila Prešeren will enable you to hold a memorable cocktail party for up to 250 guests here.

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1. Geocaching
Geocaching is an adventure activity, appropriate for all ages. It is especially popular amongst children as its point is in searching and finding the hidden treasure. First, choose your hidden treasure and then go on a treasure hunt with the help of a GPS device.

2. Horseback riding
A ride across Bled and its surroundings on the back of an excellent black horse is quite a special adventure. Activity which will fascinate all horse lovers.

3. Ride with Steam train
Take a train ride in the old way. Aboard a steam train from the times of our ancestors, we will take a ride along the picturesque Bohinj railway which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006. Admire the picturesque landscape through the window of the museum train and relive the sensations of passengers who travelled along the same railway already 100 years ago.

4. Visit the Adventure park Bled
Adventure park Bled is located on the top of Straža hill and offers great fun and unforgettable experience in the woods for individuals, groups and whole families. One on one adventure with the tree tops will make you release screams of fear, relief and excitement.

5. Go Tubing
Tubing is the river trip down the rapids on the inflatable tube, where you paddle and steer only with your hands. Relax and enjoy on the beautiful green river rapids and fresh air. The adrenaline and wild waters are the main elements of this sports and relaxation activity which will leave you wet, but laughing.

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[vc_message color=”alert-success” style=”rounded” message_box_style=”classic” message_box_color=”alert-info”]Out of the box idea for an incentive
It’s never about the food, but it is always about the food. With this incentive, you will have few stops. You will start from Grand Hotel Toplice and this track includes “foot mobility”. The second stop is at Zaka – the CHIC-nik starter which includes “cycle mobility”. The third stop is at Kavarna Park where you will enjoy the traditional dessert Bled cream cake and this track includes “sit down and relay” mobility. For the finale, you will stop at the Vinarte wine cellar, where you will be embraced by the delicious Slovenian wines.[/vc_message]
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