Bled’s new unique experience: Water, Air, and Sun Baths with Arnold Rikli 

Rikli experience
Rikli experience

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the pioneer of spa tourism in Bled, a new experience has been created that brings old knowledge to life in the present… Water, of course, is beneficial, even more so is air, and most of all, light.

Today’s lifestyle often demands too much from individuals – hence, old wisdom, once revered, proudly takes centre stage. One such story is the Bled story of Arnold Rikli, a Swiss healer who already in the second half of the 19th century began shaping the future of Bled tourism. He knew that only a well-rested person who is in good physical and mental condition is capable of making wise decisions in both private and professional life.

Arnold Rikli recognized the benefits of air baths, clean water, sunlight and proper nutrition. Movement in nature restores health and strengthens the spirit. Bled is a true paradise for such an experience.

The unique experience of the Water, Air and Sun Bath with Arnold Rikli can be an excellent choice for motivational trips or business meetings, where participants accompanied by the protagonist emerse themselves in the treatment of a healthy lifestyle during the whole day’s experience and get pampered, as his guests did over a hundred years ago.

The experience is suitable for a maximum of twelve people at a time.

Bled Tourist Board / Convention Bureau