Bled’s Sound of Holiday

The authentic, local, sustainable, and unique experience Sound of Holiday takes you on an adventure to embrace the Slovenian tradition of holidays and celebrations in the villages of Bled in the 19th century, from the time of the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešern. 

The traditional carriages are the living history of Bled and present the entry point into the time capsule of the 19th century. The carriage takes participants through the picturesque Bled countryside, stopping at the Gothic church of St. Lenart in Bodešče. The three-hour experience continues in the illumination of lanterns and leads to the half-thousand-year-old authentic Carniolan homestead of Sodar. The master of the house, the housewife, and the other family members, dressed in the clothes of that time, welcome their guests as part of their family and conjure up an authentic festive atmosphere accompanied by folk music and dance.

The indigenous and festive atmosphere is enriched by the feast of typical Slovenian dishes, with no shortage of homemade brandy and amusing village stories and tales about the Bled area and its personages.

The experience, which celebrates festivities as in the past, carries the Slovenia Unique Experience certificate and is available for groups as an incentive program.

More information is available on or the official website of the Bled Tourist Board: