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Vila Planinka
Vila Planinka

It’s that time of the year when temperatures drop, snow covers the land and the air is ripe with the scent of hot chocolate and winter melodies. Before we’ve managed our annual “self-assessment”, we’re already tickled by pleasant expectations, a desire to be in friendly company sharing genuine human contact over some great food, a jolly toast and hopefully no digital distractions. Want to know how to strengthen your team spirit on the sunny side of the Alps? Alpine Slovenia offers splendid places aiming for the boutique and new definitions of prestige.

In the enchanted Alpine land

Good relations are the leading purpose of incentives. Shared memories help craft tighter bonds, and when this happens in the breathtaking Alpine environment offering – let’s be honest – an all too necessary digital detox, one can really “unplug”, focus on people and the natural wonders. In Bohinj, an oasis of peace and flora in the Julian Alps, in the heart of the Triglav National Park, you’ll find a place just like that: the charming boutique hotel Sunrose 7, a perfect getaway for small groups.

Among other features the hotel offers digital detox programs for individuals or groups in cooperation with a therapeutic-education centre. Courses teach participants to spot the early warning signs of burnout, ways to alleviate them, and techniques for relaxation and centring. They also touch upon the traps and challenges of digital technology and its ever-present influence on modern life. In the Sunrose 7 Hotel, groups up to 20 people can also enjoy a premium wine cellar with a dedicated brandy corner, a restaurant that can be reconfigured for appointments, and a large private garden and terrace by the River Belca, ideal for workshops or lectures in the open. The entire hotel can be booked as a single unit, too – a luxurious piece of Bohinj all to yourself.

For the icing on the cake of life, walk into nature. To discover in Bohinj, there’s also the long tradition of artisanal cheesemaking, the secrets of mohant, an entirely unique cheese, or the Bohinj cheese, wholesome and nutrient-packed Emmental from the pristine surroundings of Mount Triglav. A delicious tasting awaits! Or perhaps, in jolly spirit, you can try your hand at brewing your own Bohinj gin with assorted local herbs. Quite a special one indeed. Oh yes, in Bohinj, gin is in!

Welcome home

Jezersko is one of those places just far enough from the busy urban beat, pleasant and full of natural sights that call for adventure during all seasons. Hiking trails, ski touring, cross-country skiing, ice skating, horse riding, yoga and meditation next to energy points … A green playground for active or relaxed experiences in nature, Jezersko is a place where the surroundings are the greatest luxury. There, you’ll find Vila Planinka, a boutique hotel committed to the highest sustainability standards, inspired by the landscape and respect for the local environment. In line with its environmentally friendly outlook, the Vila Planinka is tailored to the wishes of guest who appreciates nature, while offering small business groups a peaceful relaxation or incentive setting. The Vila is also a great place for well-organized corporate events with an individualised approach. Welcome home, as they say.

Planinka’s definition of new luxury

A place that lets you get away from the mundane, offering everything you need for a complete restoration. Truly genuine connection with nature and the surroundings. Vila Planinka is a portal to a new feeling, new experiences and impressions. A stay that stays with you long after you leave, lingering pleasantly in the “real” world.

Planinka rests by four natural energy points, in an atmosphere of calmness and tranquillity where healthful properties are whispered by the surrounding reaches of forest, pastures and clear mountain streams, promoting the wellbeing of the body and mind. This is why Jezersko is known as a first-rate climate spa. It’s no wonder that up there, across verdant slopes, lies one of Alpine Europe’s most photogenic little corners – the Logar Valley.

A picturesque mountain world that inspires

The Logar Valley is in harmony between man, nature and tradition, a balance felt in rare places. This is precisely the spirit of the local family-owned Plesnik Hotel. Freshness in summer, a magical setting in winter. Always with respect for nature and attention to each and every guest. Plesnik’s quality and boutique concept rate highly – it’s been selected among ten best boutique hotels for the third running year and crowned with the Meetings Star award by Kongres Magazine. Business meetings in a closely-knit family hotel are easygoing and productive, while the peace offered by a retreat into nature ensures plenty of focus. Indeed, hidden corners of the Alps are the answer to where to, for a new experience?– #myway.

They say time runs at a different pace between the trees… Slovenia is a country where you’ll find peace of mind. It’s a place away from the crowds, sprinkled with zen corners. A gentle stay in Alpine Slovenia is sure to leave you revitalized, with new energy in your core. You might not get a Wi-Fi signal here, but we promise you’ll find a better connection.

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Welcome, and let us impress you!

Author: Jasna Jašič, Marketing & Communications Manager, Slovenian Convention Bureau