A Brand New Green Conference Room in Ljubljana’s Hotel Park

Hotel Park – Urban & Green recently opened a new conference room with a RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle) vibe.

Hotel Park – Urban & Green in Ljubljana is always looking for a new way to tell people the green story. Leisure guests usually have time to visit the rooftop, but business guests are always on a tight schedule. And because Hotel Park’s mission is to educate everybody about the importance of sustainability, they decided to refresh one of their conference rooms in order to make it more fitting and green.

For the refurbishment, they chose the Conference Room Park. One one hand because of the name, while on the other because it is the one that can use most of the free daylight avaailible since it is facing South.

The new conference room is arranged with wooden wall fittings and coffee break tables from old pallettes. The coffe break tables are tripple coated with ecologic varnish to meet regulations and all the decorations used are actually reused from Hotel Park’s old standard rooms.

The conference room Park is now a great place to be, warm and with a nice RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle) vibe. The room is 36m2 and offers O-shape, U-shape, Classrom, and Theater setting for up to 35 attendees. Seminars, conferences, brand launches and other special events can now be even greener than before.

Photo: E. Vitrih, Hotel Park