Brdo Estate – The Flexibility and Diversity for All Tastes

Brdo Congress Centre just received a letter from one of their customers, a Slovene digital marketing agency Red orbit, that held their first marketing congress at the Brdo Estate last year, explaining them why they decided to reselect the same place for this year’s congress location:

“In 2016 we were looking for a conference venue for the largest inOrbit to date and the bar was set very high. We wanted a place where we can fit our massive 12-metre presentation screens, a stage for the speakers, comfortable seating for 500+ participants and we wanted the guest to know and feel that they are at a premium marketing event.

After reviewing many possibilities, we decided for the Brdo Congress Centre and we could not have made a better choice. The beautiful estate, the modern and exquisite conference centre and the delicious food made for a fantastic conference venue. With a lot of custom wishes, special objects (table footballs, ornamental dixie toilet!, sofas, snack racks and a huge plastic box/room) we need to place around the venue and a lot of last minute additions to the conference, Brdo’s staff was also very accommodating and helpful in piecing inOrbit 2016 together.

Conference venue grades were sky-high and we believe it’s thanks to the choice of the venue and the atmosphere in addition to the lectures that inOrbit 2016 was such a big success. I guess it’s no wonder we’re going back for a second year. And we’re all looking forward to it.”

Thus, it was proved once again: Brdo is one of the most desirable location for such meetings. Brdo Congress Centre is also proud receiver of another Meeting Star Award for 2016, placing it among top ten Congress Centre in south east Europe. Some of the case studies, presenting the vast range of events that were held in Brdo estate are described on their web site: Brdo Estate Case Studies.