Brdo Estate: Passion and Inspiration in Business

Bisnode organises probably the most passionate and inspiring business event in Slovenia: Best 4 Businesses or Bisnode for Business. And they have been preparing it annually since 2012, every year with greater enthusiasm. The concept of the event is simple – they want to inspire participants, relax them and mostly give them positive examples – that everything is possible and that restrictions are only in ourselves.

Back in 2012 when the event was organized for the first time, they said their expectations were very high from the beginning. And after the event had been finished, the satisfaction of participants regarding the content of the event, of its realization and location was above all expectations.There were around 350 participants in the first year, and for next five years they recorded more than 500 participants each year. Moreover – quite a few people had to remain on the waiting list.

There is always a lot of communication, coordination and simultaneous challenge-solving in the phase of the preparation for the event. Bisnode strives to add something new each year. And they say the delivered service in Brdo Congress Centre was always at the level of excellence.

Mrs. Aleksandra Brank, Marketing Director in Bisnode Southern Markets: In addition to the content and concept of the event, location and foremost superior service of the personnel in the Brdo Congress Centre plays a very important role. It is not just our observations, but mainly feedback from our customers or participants – those who attend the event every year, because they are always positively impressed with the entire execution.

As an organizer, you simply know that the personnel at Brdo will handle every situation. And the best thing about all this is, that in the morning on the day of the event, you can go to the event relaxed and full of expectations. You simply know that everything will go as it should, or even better, with some additional positive surprise. At Brdo we have always received excellent support, performance, and above all, we have established a great relationship. And when you combine all the above, we can begin to talk about loyalty. And here is the answer to the question, why is it so nice to return each year; and even more, we are increasing our activities at Brdo.”

Mrs. Brank also added a short anecdote that illustrates the extra effort of the Brdo staff: “Since our event took place in the autumn, we wanted to entertain the participants with some roasted chestnuts, served in conical shaped paper. We were wondering how to implement the service of chestnuts for some time, but Brdo staff came up with a flawless solution. As we found out later, one of the Brdo chefs made a special stand for the chestnuts out of wood by himself especially for this occasion, with his ingenuity and joinery ability. Remarkable.”

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