Busy Year Ahead of CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana

CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana retains the key role as a central Slovene congress venue with the highest number of international congresses and as the main Slovenian cultural institution. With their previous work, a very successful 2016 results and their plans for 2017, they are on their way to become one of the most prominent European cultural and congress centres. 

And with Ljubljana getting the attention and recognition that charming city deserves with its history, tourism, culture and amazing hospitality, the future sure looks bright congress industry and CD Congress Centre Ljubljana.

They finished 2016 with amazing results and financial results show the effective and efficient operation of CD and providing a credible, secure partner to their clients:

• Implemented 196 projects within Congress and commercial Programme, all together hosted 1,132 congress-commercial events.
• The sum of hours of their Congress-commercial events: 267 whole days.
• 335,991 visitors of cultural-artistic programme which is 36,041 more than planned.
• 146,351 participants and visitors of congresses and other events of activity on the market.
The 2017 brings new goals for the cultural and congress centre, here are summarized the most important for congress industry and some big plans also for their cultural programme:

• 850 events planned within the 190 projects of their Congress- commercial programme.
• 1,084 public cultural events: 182 musical events; 100 theatre and dance performances, 436 film screenings; 322 cultural, educational, humanistic and literary events; 36 exhibitions and 8 other events.
• 590 different events in the public cultural programme.
• Plan to sell 180,000 tickets for public cultural events program.
• They expect approximately 438,900 visitors.
• CD stages will feature more than 18,000 performers.
• They expect around 36,000 hours of preparation, rehearsals and events in their hall.