Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana: Proud host of the 2024 IAPCO Annual Meeting & General Assembly

Photo: Cankarjev dom
Photo: Cankarjev dom

Between February 28 and March 2, the heart of Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom, will set the stage for the highly anticipated IAPCO 2024 Annual Meeting and General Assembly. As a distinguished member of IAPCO since 1980, Cankarjev dom has collaborated with the organization to craft a program aimed at inspiring, innovating, and navigating the dynamic landscape of the events industry.

The event kicks off with a welcome reception at Cankarjev dom, providing a platform for attendees to exchange ideas and forge meaningful connections. The subsequent days promise engaging discussions on compelling stories and industry trends at the conference. Highlights include a dinner at the National Gallery of Slovenia and Ljubljana Castle, as well as an exploration of the subterranean wonders of Postojna Cave.

Be the Flow

The event’s slogan, “Be the Flow,” encapsulates the spirit of momentum, collaboration, and progress. Designed to keep participants ahead in the ever-evolving meetings and events industry, the 2024 AM&GA pledges a diverse, curated program for knowledge exchange. With over 150 participants expected from around the globe, the event boasts an impressive lineup of local speakers from various fields. Notable keynote speakers include renowned architect and Ljubljana’s vice-mayor Janez Koželj, Michelin-star awarded chef Ana Roš, sustainability authority Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, human rights activist Tomo Križnar, beekeeper and Apimondia’s vice-president Peter Kozmus, and more.

Sustainability in Focus

IAPCO Ljubljana 2024 places a strong emphasis on minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. The organizers aim to make the event more environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and aligned with sustainability principles. Recognizing the significance of every small action, they encourage participants and stakeholders to contribute to creating a greener future. The event aligns with 12 of the 17 UN sustainable goals, showcasing a commitment to responsible and sustainable event organization.

Cankarjev dom