Carnivals, Hills of Plenty and Sweet Dreams in the Wine Barrel

Carnivals, Hills of Plenty and Sweet Dreams in the Wine Barrel ….

Client #1:Three days in a carnival town filled with ancient Roman tradition?

Client #2:That’s right.

Client #1:Business or pleasure?

Client #2:Well, a business visit to Slovenia is always pleasurable!

Though winter hasn’t really shown its bite this year, the Kurent carnival figures, its traditional chasers-away, are already beckoning the spring, calling a bountiful harvest with their ruckus, bell-ringing and clatter as is folk custom in these parts. The Kurent and their costumed processions are part of Unesco Cultural Heritage, a genuine spirit of folklore that can be experienced throughout Slovenia though it’s certainly most colourful in Ptuj, the ancestral home of the Kurent. In fact, no matter the season, authenticity and warm greetings await on each step of thermal Pannonian Slovenia.

Ptuj Castle and a toast with rock star vintage

Ptuj is the oldest Slovenian town. Crowned by a medieval fort, stretching between fertile wine country and the River Drava, it is a treasure trove of cultural and natural heritage. Ptuj Castlestands mighty atop a scenic hill, greeting visitors from afar and representing not only an exquisite lookout point but also spaces that tickle the imagination with tales and legends of what was once one of the mightiest nobilities in Europe. Today, it is repurposed as the Ptuj Regional Museum, delighting visitors with rich collections of historical artefacts. As befits a proper castle, it also boasts a ballroom, the Celebration Chapel, famous hall that was destined for festivities, balls and special events when the castle was young already. Today, various castle chambers may host events and meetings with up to 150 attendees, while the courtyard and granary are suitable for receptions and banquets as well as other types of outdoor social events. Chivalry tournament? Sure! Delicious food and drinks? No doubt, this is a well-established winegrowing region after all, which, among others, makes the Starman wine, inspired by the legendary David Bowie. Cheers!

All the roads lead to wellbeing

The liveliness of a carnival town goes great with the nearby Ptuj Thermal Spa, which features a comprehensive offer of hotel, conference, oeno-gastronomic, golf and relaxation capacities. You can choose to sleep in their hotel, or perhaps in a perfectly real wine barrel, a token of Ptuj’s opulent winemaking tradition. The Glamping Wine Village also offers teambuilding activities for small organized groups.

Tip: Opt for an entertaining “FootGolf” tournament that concludes with a picnic in the style of the ancient Romans, and then go for a perfect afternoon with relaxation in the oasis of wellbeing. A little bit of Roman merrymaking soothes the soul, right?

Event in an ancient wine press? Why not!

Around these parts, there’s a very special hill since days of old connected with the town of Ptuj, called by the locals the Mestni Hill. A place that once offered a furtive retreat from the city gossip by a glass of exquisite wine – naturally, since this is a celebrated wine region! – today proudly continues its tradition, infused with a spark of creativity and fresh, organic philosophy. Especially exclusive is the Old Wine Press, where boutique events take place for up to 40 guests, in addition to many other venues offering socializing in the open air, in the shade of mighty pine trees or another pleasant ambience in harmony with nature. A disconnect from the daily grind, immersion into breathing, peaceful surroundings. Back to green life, back to first principles. The natural charm of face-to-face conversation.

With its famous jewels like Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Portorož, or the Postojna Cave, Slovenia is certainly no longer just a hidden gem, yet a motley palette of undiscovered treasures are still waiting for you in our lovely subalpine country. One of such star locations is certainly thermal Pannonian Slovenia, where the heart-shaped roads nestle thriving little vineyards. It’s no wonder Slovenia carries LOVEin its name – a cordial welcome is a consistent companion on each step of your travels here. Did you know Slovenia celebrates its very own version of the lover’s festival? St. Gregory’s Day is a holiday when, according to folklore “the birds are getting wed” and the rivers illuminated by the beautiful gregorčki, lamp-lit miniature boats making for some fascinating photography. Joy is in the air and clear winds grace the skies … The warmer seasons are here. A time for new plans, something different, bold and inspiring. No more boring meetings! It’s the age of fresh ideas, sparkling in these very places.

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Author: Jasna Jašič, Marketing & Communications Manager, Slovenian Convention Bureau