Who is the Biggest MICE Mastermind at IBTM World 2016?

I Feel 25 Slovenian Convention Bureau celebrates 25 years of Nationhood with fun and games at ibtm world 2016. 25 years ago, Slovenia became the first of...

Slovenian Energy

Slovenia is petite, a safe, stress-free haven with immense outdoor appeal, a green destination par excellence. We know the importance and value of partnership...

At the Crossroads of Diversity

Slovenia sports an incredible natural diversity unmatched in many countries twice its size. It's the only European country which connects the Alps, the Mediterranean,...

Slovenia – the Globe’s First Certified Green Destination

In September 2016, Slovenia became the world’s first certified green destination, based on an assessment by the Netherlands-based organisation Green Destinations which established 96...

Slovenia – Bloggers’ Latest It Destination

Sometimes, a personal point of view on certain destination has more impact than an exclusive PR article in a sophisticated travel magazine. In a competitive...
Bohinj Lake, slovenia.info, Tomo Jesenicnik

Meet Us in the Alps

The north of the country is dominated by towering mountain ranges that provide plentiful challenges for hikers and skiers. In the west, pure alpine streams...
Izvir Radenske_www.slovenia.info, Nea Culpa

Meet Us in the Spas

Slovenia is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe. It has 27,000 km of rivers, streams and other watercourses, as well as numerous...
Hiša izročila, Heritage House, Cerkniško jezero, Lake Cerknica

Meet Us Between Mediterranean and the Karst

Portorož and Piran, two beautiful towns are offering a truly authentic cultural composition of the Mediterranean flair, fascinating history and inspiring modernity. St. Bernardin...
Ljubljana, ©Ljubljana Tourism, Mostphotos

Meet Us in the Cities

Slovenia has numerous different faces, you can meet us in the cities, in the Alps, by the sea and in Karst, or in the...
Photo: Ivo Boscarol, www.slovenia.info, Nea Culpa

It’s a Technological World

New technologies are merging the physical, digital, and biological worlds in ways that will fundamentally transform humankind. First internationally relevant research achievements of the...