CD Congress Centre: Bringing People Together

The European Brewery Convention, celebrating 70 years of brewing excellence in 2017 held its 36th congress in Ljubljana, the Slovenia’s capital. The congress took place at CD Congress Centre conferencing facilities in direct vicinity of the historical part of the city.

Mr. Tiago M. Brandão, HR Director Unicer Bebidas SA and EBC President says: “We are happy to report that the venue chosen provided an excellent setting for our technical, technological and scientific lectures and presentations. Although Ljubljana is a European capital, it has preserved the human touch of smaller towns. It is a place of quaint and wonderful corners with architectural delights worthy of being a host city for the EBC congress. After Budapest in 2001 and Prague (2005), Ljubljana offers a picturesque gateway between central Europa and the Balkans.”

An Information that Europe is home to an estimated 80 beer styles and 40 000 different beer brands and that beer, consumed moderately by healthy adults, may be fully compatible with a balanced, active lifestyle will also contribute to inventive events and their diversity.