A Combination of Business and Social Life With a Roman Twist


The Grand Hotel Primus in the Ptuj Spa Resort is named after the famous Roman general Marcus Antonius Primus, who made known the name of Ptuj throughout the world. The rich Roman past can be felt everywhere in the hotel. It represents one of the main parts of the Ptuj Thermal Spa, located in the oldest Slovenian town that attracts visitors thanks to its rich cultural and historic heritage, green surroundings, culinary delicacies and healing thermal water.

Since the Grand Hotel Primus is part of Terme Ptuj wellness resort, known for a long spa tradition, the hotel offers a variety of preventive medical examinations and treatments, which can also be interesting for the participants of business meetings and conferences. The hotel’s focus on healthy living is mostly and best revealed through its cuisine.

Recently, they introduced the “Be Fit” menus, which follow modern trends of the so-called “Brain food”. On the occasion of conferences and business meetings, the menus are prepared in order to ensure balanced meals that give participants extra energy. The Chef of the hotel’s restaurant professionally and enthusiastically presents different ways of preparing energy meals and invites participants to help him with the preparations. If, however, the energy level drops during the conference, the hotel offers an alternative method to boost your energy: a 15-minute workout with the tai-chi master will certainly do the trick.

For the organization of different high-level events, there are day-lit conference rooms with a view of Ptuj and its surroundings. Multifunctional conference halls and conference rooms provided with up-to-date technical equipment can hold from 20 to 220 people.