Fully renovated Hotel Park in Bled whispers stories of water and forest

Hotel Park in Bled
Hotel Park in Bled

The largest hotel in Bled, Hotel Park, came to life at the end of June 2020 in a completely renovated image. The renovation was inspired by nature, the hotel represents a complete and safe experience of the beauties of Bled.

“We were inspired by nature during the renovation of the Park Hotel, the largest hotel in Bled. Bled, which is considered a unique alpine pearl on a global scale, lies on the edge of the Triglav National Park and thus combines two extremely important elements of nature – water and forest. Water and forest are those two natural resources that were our key guide in the renovation, in which we invested a good 8 million euros. Combined with urban elegance, comfort, sustainable elements and the well-being and health of our guests, we designed the story and offer of the Park Hotel.” Said the director of hotels at the destination Sava Hotels Bled, Sava Hotels & Resorts, Mojca Krašovec.

Sava Hotels & Resorts started the renovation of the Park Hotel in autumn 2019 and completed the investment during COVID-19, which has a strong impact on global tourism, as well as meetings and events industry. In light of the current situation, the company ensured maximum safety for both guests and employees. They introduced a number of safety and protection measures, which they named Sava Hotels & Resorts Hygienic Standard Plus, where Plus means that they have further upgraded the hygiene recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health. 

Hotel Park has two themed room designs, one water and the other forest. Sava Hotels & Resorts also followed the Strategy of Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism, which emphasizes green, healthy, active and sustainable.

The experience of the natural beauties of Bled continues in the Spa Park wellness center, located on the top floor of the Park Hotel, which offers the most beautiful views of the unique beauties of the Alpine pearl – Lake Bled with the island and church, Bled Castle and the mighty Julian Peaks.

The Park Hotel offers 7 different conference rooms as part of the conference center. It is located on the ground floor of the hotel and is great for organizing small conferences or workshops with up to 120 participants, as it combines 4 medium-sized halls next to each other. All halls have a lot of daylight and a view of the lake and the castle, and are named after Slovenian writers and the Slovenian PEN Center, which was organized for the first time in 1965 in Bled by the PEN World Congress. Thus, the conference rooms are named after renowned Slovene writters Ivan Cankar, France Prešeren and Srečko Kosovel.