Congress Centre Thermana Park Laško

The Thermana Park Laško Congress Centre may be one of the youngest venues in the Slovenian territory, but it boasts many high-quality references and an excellent support team which provides you support with the organisation and execution of the event.

Visit the Thermana Park Laško Congress Centre with a 360-degree view of and see what satisfied client stated about the Thermana Park Laško Congress:

“We are organising conference RISK for 15 years and after each year, we have a bigger challenge about what to prepare next that would be fresh, new and crazy enough, so RISK would not be “just another conference.” Luckily, we have a lot of creative minds in our team, so ideas keep running. However, many of those ideas are so crazy that at first we do not dare to think about really doing them, especially, as they need to be accepted and allowed by the event venue. Next year, in 2020, it would be 7th year since we are holding this event in Thermana Laško and each and every year we are repeatedly surprised not only that they are willing to accept our crazy ideas, but they are really happy to take the challenge and help us carry them out in the best possible way. But, the most magical part of this is, that they, with this meaning each and every member of their staff, does this with a big smile on their face! Priceless experience!” David Ivačič, Real Security

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