Congress Ljubljana in 2017

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A series of events will take place in Ljubljana this year that will bring numerous foreign guests to the city.

The most active months will be in spring and autumn, the already established periods for congresses and corporate events. In May CD Congress Centre Ljubljana will host the 4th World Landslide Forum  with 500 participants, and in September European Academy of Pediatrics Congress and Mastercourse – EAP 2017 with 600 guests and 2nd World Open Educational Resources Congress (OER) with 500 participants. Ljubljana and CD will also host for the first time ever the prestigious 4th European Jazz Conference with an accompanying program open to the public.

It will be very busy also at the second large convention venue, the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. In June the 26th World Congress in fetal medicine will take place with over 1600 participants, making it the biggest event of the year in Ljubljana. The GR will be the venue also of the 29th EUROSON Congress (Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology) in September with 700 guests, and 47th EABCT Congress (cognitive science) with the same expected number of guests.

During the year several corporate events will be held at hotels with conference facilities. List of events is regularly updated and published at the