Conventa Crossover Shifting to a HYBRID Event Model

Conventa Crossover 2020
Conventa Crossover 2020

Why is Conventa Crossover shifting to a HYBRID event model and how will it reshape the future of events?


When hybrid cars first started to appear, people said that they took the best from the old petrol world and the new electrified, sustainable world. Right now, hybrid events seem like the most logical answer to the current situation. An increasing number of meeting planners have shifted towards hybrid event models, as they allow people from countries, where the state of the pandemic is getting worse to join the event online, while attendees from countries with loosened restrictions can join live.

Due to the unpredictability of the current situation, the organisers of Conventa Crossover had to stay agile and react fast. A few weeks ago, we were confident that things will normalise by 27 August 2020, celebrating the end of the pandemic, but it seems that this will not be the case. Our genuine goal of sharing knowledge, networking and exchanging ideas is still immensely strong and a final decision was made together with our partners; Conventa Crossover is moving forward in hybrid form.

This means that regional attendees from countries that are on Slovenia’s green list according to the National Institute of Public Health (the list of countries can be found here) will be able to join the Crossover experience live in Ljubljana, Slovenia and others will join the action through a new online platform. More information about registering on the online platform will be available soon.

We would like to emphasize that the venue; Cankarjev Dom Cultural Centre and the organisers of Conventa Crossover; Toleranca Marketing have received the Safe & Healthy Events certification from the Slovenian Convention Bureau. Your health and safety at the event will be our number one priority.


For the 5th year in a row, Conventa Crossover will become a testing ground for new ideas and a showcase of how agile the meetings industry really is. This year’s programme will be dedicated to innovations in the meetings industry and all forms of online events, presented through good practice cases. We will also be talking about the future of our industry in an exciting panel discussion. We are certain that live events will never go out of fashion, but they will have to be adapted and focused on bringing added value.

We haven’t forgotten about awarding the best events in the region. Conventa Best Event Award is moving forward, but the competition has been restructured, with more event categories and easier application conditions. You can read more about #CBEA20 here.

Life is too short to waste time at boring events

Do you want to be part of a meetings industry renaissance?

Our motto stays the same: “Life is too short to waste time at boring events”. Our goal is for Conventa Crossover to be part of a meetings industry renaissance. To pave the way for regional post-coronavirus events through an innovative event format.

If you want to be part of a meetings industry renaissance, join Conventa Crossover, a hybrid festival for everyone, who wants to learn, socialize and exchange ideas in an informal, relaxed environment.

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