Conventa experience. Try it, Love it!

Conventa Experience
Conventa 2016

Conventa is so much more than a trade show for meetings, events and incentives. It’s an experience that lasts for a lifetime. To truly understand what participating at Conventa means you have to attend the show in January 2016 or at least take your time to read the new Conventa experience magazine available on-line now.

The magazine takes the reader through the history of the show and the excellent results which can boast. It reveals 10 facts about the show and busts or confirms some of the most interesting myths about Conventa. If you want to find out if it is true that hosted buyers at Conventa are always the same or if it is true that people can also fall in love at Conventa, keep on reading.

The new magazine also states all the benefits of participating at Conventa. It explains to meeting planners why they should apply for hosted buyer status and confirms that this status is not just a status, but a VIP treatment.

Meeting providers that are still considering whether to register or not can now come to their decision much easier by reading the magazine. Articles about ROI of the show and a simple guide to maximum exposure at Conventa are written just for them.
And because it is always good to read a second opinion, the editorial board has also included statements from Conventa partners and hosted buyers. Want to find out what they have said about the show? Here is a sneak peak. Tomislav Čeh, General Manager, Union Hotels, said: ”Conventa offers many new opportunities and by that it unlocks new sources of business connections. Let’s face it – no type of advertising can be a substitute for face-to-face meetings and Conventa concept of offering this is simple and most effective one. Conventa changed the MICE world in Slovenia!”

Let the magazine take you on a journey through Conventa experience. Enjoy the read!

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