Conventa launched responsible COVID-19 protocol


The organisers of Conventa Trade Show have made a promise to connect the regional meetings industry even in times when we all have to conform to new circumstances and adapt our way of life and business. They have recently published an updated protocol for responsible event realisation in 2021. The Conventa team still firmly believe in the power of live events, unfortunately, the current situation has forced them to find alternative solutions. However, they aren’t thinking about an online/virtual edition, as they don’t believe it could bring the same added value. Conventa has a solution for hosted buyers, who will not be able to attend live. A new matchmaking platform will enable them to have online meetings with the exhibitors, who will join Conventa in person. Online meetings will be prescheduled the same way as live meetings, with hosted buyers from key regional markets joining the show physically.

At Conventa 2021, the physical event and the online event will be integrated to form a larger hybrid concept. This concept will ensure maximum quality and allow Conventa to stay true to its slogan established in 2007: Explore, Meet and Create.

The team has already proven that events can be safely and successfully carried out in the midst of an epidemic with the first hybrid Conventa Crossover conference and over fifteen online editions of Conventa Trend Bars.

“We believe that authentic human connections are irreplaceable. Awakening all five senses through an unforgettable experience is etched deeply into Conventa’s DNA. After all, Conventa is a PEOPLE2PEOPLE event at its core. With that said, events will have to adapt to the new pandemic reality and not the other way around. Conventa 2021 will provide flexibility for everyone, who won’t be able to travel to Slovenia due to new restrictions. Hybrid is the only way to go.”

Gorazd Čad, Co-founder of Conventa Trade Show


Conventa is moving forward in one of the three forms listed below

PLAN A: Conventa Hybrid in January

Date: 20-21 January 2021

The hybrid edition of Conventa will be carried out if the following conditions are met:

  • 70% of countries where exhibitors are coming from are on Slovenia’s GREEN or ORANGE list by 20 November 2020 (18 countries)
  • 70% of countries where hosted buyers are coming from are on Slovenia’s GREEN or ORANGE list by 20 November 2020 (35 countries)

If these conditions are not met, the event will be rescheduled to an alternative date – PLAN B (25-26 August 2021).

Plan B: Conventa Hybrid in August

Date: 25-26 August 2021

Conventa Trade Show will be carried out together with the Conventa Crossover conference. Organisers believe the synergy is logical and could create a lot of added value.

ADDITIONALLY: Online edition of Conventa Trend Bar 2021

Date: 20 – 21 January 2021

If the event will be rescheduled to August, the original date (20 – 21 January 2021) will serve as an opportunity to carry out a 2-day online Conventa Trend Bar workshop. It will be dedicated entirely to preparing attendees for the new normal after coronavirus. Special emphasis will be put on marketing and sales with the help of top-notch speakers. The purpose of the online workshop will not be B2B meetings, but education.

Plan C: Conventa Trade Show in 2022

Date: 26 – 27 January 2020

Solely if Europe goes into lockdown again by 31 July 2020 will the trade show be rescheduled to 2022. In that case, we would be giving exhibitors vouchers for 2022.

Safe & Healthy Meetings and Events

The organisers of Conventa Trade Show, Toleranca Marketing have received the “Safe & Healthy Meetings and Events” certification from the Slovenian Convention Bureau, ensuring health and safety of attendees and supporting staff will be well taken care of.