Conventa Takes a Bold Step Towards Sustainability: Significant Reduction in Carbon Footprint Achieved!

The carbon footprint generated by transportation was reduced by 8.9 %

Conventa is among a handful of international trade shows that measure carbon footprint systematically. The organisers teamed up with ClimatePartner to precisely measure the results. This year, the calculation proved that a systematic and holistic approach contributes to reducing the carbon footprint generated by transport – one of the most problematic aspects of event organising.

The organisers thus focused most of their efforts on reducing the carbon footprint generated by transportation and succeeded in decreasing it by 8.9% (from 90.7% in 2022 to 81.8% in 2023). The overall carbon footprint of Conventa is comparable to the daily carbon footprint generated by 5,415 inhabitants of Germany and equals driving 387,129 kilometres by car.

The carbon footprint calculation comprises a broad spectre of emissions. This year, the organisers put tremendous effort into gathering data with the help of 19 partners. Gorazd Čad, the co-founder of Conventa, emphasised: “The timely inclusion of partners into the process of reducing carbon footprint was imperative. A crucial tool to measure the carbon footprint was our Green Handbook, which has become a kind of bible for organising sustainable events as it offers an array of handy tips and measures. We can achieve more each year with the help of project partners, with whom we are gradually learning to gather all data to calculate the carbon footprint.”

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

According to the organisers, the calculated carbon footprint can become a case example for similar events. In addition, it will enable Conventa to optimise future activities. To calculate the carbon footprint, garnering precise information regarding the transport of attendees, hotels, and activities was decisive. This year’s calculation includes individual data for all attendees obtained by conducting surveys. All measured data is thus precise and trustworthy. Read further information here.

The 16th edition of Conventa is taking place between 21 and 22 February 2024 in Ljubljana.

Further information regarding the event’s sustainable transformation is available here