Conventa Trend Bar 2017 – On the Road!

Next Conventa trade show will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 24th and 25th of January 2018. However, before we meet each other in January, get ready to meet us at the Conventa’s Trend Bar in Zagreb and Ljubljana! Let us gather and meet each other in the relaxed environment while sharing some of the great case studies.

Have you been asking yourself how to shape your events in a less boring, more interactive and more dynamic format? Do you know how to change habits of your participants? Are you informed about the techniques of moderation and interaction with participants? Are you aware of the technological and other future trends?

Meet us at one of the listed cities and get all the answers! Trust us, we are done with all the boring events. That is why we prepared the case studies in Pecha Kucha format, while one presentation will last for 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total. Not boring at all, right? We promise to keep it short and simple, to pass on you as much knowledge as possible, and still be left with plenty of time for informal networking.

All event organizers and planners who want to informally socialize, have fun, and exchange ideas in the field of event planning, are kindly welcome. After the two successful Trend Bars in Sofia and Belgrade, the last two stops on the road will be in Zagreb and Ljubljana.

Book your slot in following periods:

ZAGREB: Thursday, November 9, 2017, at 11 am (Location: The Garden Brewery)
LJUBLJANA: Friday, November 10, 2017, at 11 am (Location: Ziferblat)

The meetings industry needs a revolution if wanting to keep the new and future generations, which prefer to be in the virtual world rather than in boring events, interested.

Gorazd Čad, the co-founder of Conventa (the largest regional meetings industry’s tradeshow) and of its younger brother Conventa Crossover, will answer to all of your questions and doubts. He will present his experiences through the demonstration of “Power to the meetings” methodology.

In addition, other best local meeting planners will join with their applied experiences presenting them through cases of the best practices.

Stay tuned, since more information is coming soon.

Save the date and let us get to know each other!