CUBO Continues to Grow

Hotel Cubo_Bovec
Hotel Cubo_Bovec

The story of the hotel CUBO is a story of success. From its opening in 2011, the hotel has been evaluated on different criteria sets in nothing but superlatives and this goes also for the visitor’s personal experience of what the hotel has to offer.

This leading boutique hotel in Ljubljana gained its good reputation, not only by its city centre location and by its modern look, implemented with contemporary furniture design, but also by providing extra personalised services offering top culinary menus at the hotel’s restaurant, offering French cosmetic products “L’Occitane” in hotel rooms and pampering guests by special bedding sets (made by 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton) produced by a top Italian manufacturer Rivolta Carmignani amongst other.

But the CUBO group did not stop there. They expanded their offer and accommodation facilities outside Slovenia’s capital. Another new hotel is due to be opened in 2017 in Bovec (North West Slovenia), in the heart of the Julian Alps, surrounded by pristine nature. Its location makes it an ideal starting point for all nature lovers and adrenalin sports fans, as the famous Soča river (Isonzo in Italian) runs nearby the city of Bovec and offers numerous rafting, canyoning and other water based adventures. The new hotel will arise from a former biggest hotel in Bovec, situated at the outskirts of Bovec, just a cable car drive away from the mountain Kanin, where in wintertime you can enjoy skiing at an altitude of over 2,000 m. The hotel is currently undergoing a major reconstruction and is expected to reopen in January 2017.

The CUBO hotel guests will also be able to get a different home-like feeling, since the CUBO group is building a chain of Eco-friendly and hi-tech villas close to Ljubljana, next to the Smlednik golf course, named the Enso Village. The concept of this resort is best described at their web page, “the Enso Village represents a life space rooted in a profound understanding of perfection. In zen art, the enso circle is a universal symbol of wholesomeness and completeness.”

These fully equipped, almost self-sufficient villas with swimming pool area, teak terrace, barbecue corner offering a nice relaxing sitting space, only add to the perfect and complete experience of pure comfort, relaxation and pleasure of CUBO’s general “guest deserves the best” approach.