Cubo Village – a Deluxe Living Environment

Just 15 kilometres away from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, Slovenia’s most modern and best equipped private golf course, the Cubo Village project is set to take shape.

The village will comprise of 4 villas adjacent to Golf Diners Ljubljana‘s 15th hole, nestled next to quite possibly the neatest and tidiest golf course in this region of Europe. The village will be a one-of-a-kind and most definitely the first deluxe accommodation offer in the Central Slovenia region – luxurious, eco-built, unique and personalized. The project will also upgrade the Cubo brand, under which the Hotel Cubo currently has a presence on the market, with a new offer of accommodation of the highest category in Slovenia.

Cubo village will operate in the same manner as the hotel complex, where a guest will hire only part of or the entire villa for private purposes or a business nature. At the same time, investors and partners are offered the option to buy the whole villa or only part of the villa, which can be later be returned to the management of Cubo Group. The proximity to the golf course also offers the possibility of exciting high-end incentive programmes, where a business event can easily be linked with a game of golf.