Bled Rose Hotel – Culinary evening with Michelin star chef Igor Jagodic

The Bled Rose Hotel is excited to announce an unforgettable event catered to aficionados of top-tier cuisine. This event promises to take attendees on a unique culinary journey infused with the captivating rhythms of Latin America.

Taking place on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 7 p.m., the culinary evening will feature the collaboration of Chef Martin Blejc and renowned guest chef Igor Jagodic from the esteemed restaurant Strelec. Igor Jagodic is a familiar name to culinary enthusiasts, recognized for his prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant Strelec, situated in the stunning Ljubljana castle. Here, Chef Jagodic and his team craft genuine culinary artistry in the form of miniature masterpieces.

During this occasion, these two accomplished chefs will unite their expertise at the Bled Rose Hotel to curate an exceptional 6-course culinary experience, promising to add unforgettable dimensions to the finest ingredients.

Beyond the realm of haute cuisine, the evening will also hold an enchanting surprise—a Latin American dance performance. Between each course, champions of this dance genre will gracefully whirl across the dance floor, enhancing the overall culinary experience with their elegant movements.

Given the limited number of available spots, reservations are imperative. For further details and reservation inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the Bled Rose Hotel via email at or by phone at 04 579 6030.