Dare to Be Different.

Transform 65 fully intensive and abundant years into 1 minute and 7 seconds. All great things are simple. Kompas is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion, they put together a one-minute film, which encompasses the 65 years of experience essential to one of the Company’s most demanding, complex and respectable departments, Kompas M.I.C.E.

One could say this is a challenge, that only those who dare to be different in their everyday business routine would dare to embrace. So, a few enthusiastic Kompas employees and five innovative professionals from Bright Visuals met one sunny day, somewhere in Ljubljana. A simple word – MEET – was the starting point of their project (which now clocks in at just 1 minute and 7 seconds) and their promo video song cover begins with this exact words: I’ll meet you by the tree

In just one short week, the Bright Visuals team filmed the most relevant locations in Slovenia and Croatia and followed the scenario written by Kompas’ experienced Meetings and Incentives Manager, Mrs Irena Smrkolj. The scenario, filming, editing, the careful attention to the details of branding element placement and, last but not least, the ability to communicate the massive area of possibilities in MICE – all the above is their own creation and something to be proud of. The beautiful shots were made with the state-of-the art digital cameras (Sony a7s, Sony FS7), as well as some very impressive aerial drone footage. All of this exclusively for Kompas MICE.

When was the last time you felt free? When was the last time you really explored the city? When was the last time you enjoyed the accommodation and when was the last time you had an amazing time? These are the right questions for your clients. Simple and clear. Any MICE planner will understand that over 40,000 fully satisfied guests demand a clear focus in order to answer those elementary questions that will result in perfect solutions. And Kompas MICE has the right team, the support, and the key partners in the region and plenty of fresh ideas to deliver supreme services and stories to remember. A clear understanding of multicultural differences and preferences is also a very important ingredient of successful products and services. Therefore, the members of the Kompas multinational team themselves (Irene from the USA, Simone from Taiwan, Kyungsun from Korea and Mami from Japan) also participated in the short clip, conveying the multicultural spirit that is so characteristic of Kompas’ offices.

Be ready. The new stories of the wide and diverse MICE possibilities are expected soon. The MICE team is just preparing for a new take off. Again – DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

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  • You can see the wooden bike made by the Slovenian inventor Iztok Mohorič. While filming, this bike was a huge attraction for the passers-by (0:33).
  • A Norwegian group really enjoyed their incentive package activity at the Railway Museum of Ljubljana, partying late with Slovenian music attraction The Stroj – who performed their art of noble noise and steely industrial beats with real drumming (0:55).
  • While filming with a drone, some very interesting shots of loving couples were made just off the main beaches near Split.