Direct to 21 Destinations from Ljubljana in the Winter Timetable

Aerodrom Ljubljana_photo by Ziga Boh
Aerodrom Ljubljana_photo by Ziga Boh

The 2015/16 winter timetable entered into force at the end of October. Until 26 March 2016 passengers will be able to choose from among more than 180 scheduled flights a week direct to 21 destinations in 20 countries. In March 2016 LOT Polish Airlines launches five flights a week service to Warsaw.

In the 2015/16 winter timetable Ljubljana Airport will serve more destinations than last winter. The domestic airline will retain its new service from the summer timetable to Berlin three times a week. Domestic airline will fly to 18 direct destinations from Ljubljana (Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Munich, Prague, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Moscow, Podgorica, Tirana, Berlin, Zürich, Vienna and Warsaw).

Foreign scheduled airlines are retaining the same destinations this winter. Passengers can travel from Ljubljana to Belgrade with Air Serbia twelve times a week, to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines every day of the week, and to Paris with Air France six times a week. The low-cost airlines easyJet and Wizz Air will be both flying to London during the winter season as well. The first every day to Stansted and the latter five times a week to Luton. Wizz Air is also retaining its flights to Brussels Charleroi three times a week. Montenegro Airlines will be flying to Podgorica six times a week and Swiss International Lines four times a week to Zürich.

Towards the end of the winter season, more precisely on 1 March, the Polish Airline LOT will begin its service to Warsaw, where they will be flying five times a week.

This winter eight scheduled airlines are offering passengers more than 180 scheduled flights each week from Slovenia’s main airport direct to 21 different destinations in 20 countries. The number of charter flights will be comparable to last winter. The most common winter charter destinations remain Egypt and Turkey, which are served by Adria Airways in conjunction with tour operators.

Noticeable growth in traffic

Slovenia’s main airport is attracting growing numbers of passengers by competing successfully with other airports in the region. Passengers can also fly from Ljubljana at competitive prices to long haul-destinations via major European hubs.

In the first nine months of 2015 Ljubljana airport recorded 1,135,578 passengers, on scheduled and charter flights which is 10.8% up on the same period last year. Growth in the number of passengers is higher than at other competitive airports in the region. Ljubljana Airport is followed by Zagreb with 6.7%, Graz with 5.7%, Venice with 1.7% and Klagenfurt with 1.5% more passengers and Trieste with 0.5% less passengers than in the same period last year.