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In the middle of the 46-kilometre Slovenian coast, lies a small seaside town with a rich history, marked by fishing and waves. Izola was once an island in the Adriatic Sea and is still uniquely bound to the sea and the fishing traditions. The town is characterized by various beaches, orange wine, water sports and traditional events celebrating the gifts from the surrounding lands. Izola is a town known for its kind locals, who always like to spend some time with visitors. 

Jaka Ivančič for Visit Izola

Izola offers many authentic Mediterranean experiences. But the most unique ones are its outdoor adventure game – The forgotten secret of Izola and a really special culinary one – Roman tastes under the stars

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The forgotten secret of Izola

Outdoor adventure game

Every town hides some undiscovered secrets. And we all love those. Izola, a town famous for fish, wine and kind locals, has a deeply buried and somewhat forgotten secret which you will have a chance to find. You will be digitally accompanied on the journey by a hidden companion, Izola’s guide and an invisible friend. 

But the adventurous journey to get there will not be easy. First, you will need to solve various challenges – puzzles, anagrams, rebuses, and you will also have to test your negotiating skills as well as discover just how photogenic you are. Each solved puzzle will uncover a piece of Izola’s secret and stories told by the town centre. Only the most determined and curious among you will reach the end of the journey.

“Awesome, fun, intense, educational, excellent”

Dragan Zlatanović for Visit Izola

The outdoor adventure game is intended for adult knowledge-seeking souls, interested in stories and of an active and fun-loving character. The game is suitable for groups of up to 5 people and can even be a competition of 2 groups at the same time. Due to mild climate game can be played throughout the whole year

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Dragan Zlatanović for Visit Izola

Roman tastes under the stars

Culinary experience by the sea

Have you heard of Roman klinai? Do you know who is villicus? Would you like to know whom the first toast was dedicated to and discover the meaning of the word »salvete«? All this and more will be revealed to you when you indulge in Roman tastes and become part of Roman aristocracy for one evening. The location, once home to a Roman villa and today the site of an archaeological park, offers a genuine Roman culinary delight.

Becoming Romans for the evening will surely be a pleasurable experience. Everything will be the same as it was 2000 years ago. First, you will dress in Roman tunics and make yourselves comfortable in the triclinium (Roman dining room), where you’ll be taken care of by vilicus – caretaker of the villa. Indulging in the hedonistic Roman lifestyle will continue with a tasting of Roman cuisine. You will have the chance to try the dishes in true Roman fashion – using your hands. Thus, you will experience the Roman flavours with all your senses – something we are not so used to anymore. The vilicus will keep you company throughout the evening: he will tell you amusing stories and take care of the cultural-artistic program with an artist from Aquileia. He will be helped by a puella (a female Roman slave) and a servant. Finally, you will be treated to a special “forbidden” surprise.

Dragan Zlatanović for Visit Izola

Roman cuisine – star of the evening

Amongst all the exciting tales and entertainment performances, there will be one star of the show – the Roman cuisine. You will be treated to a three-course Roman menu – during each course, you will be able to taste various culinary masterpieces of the time. Make sure to take your time while you eat; Roman feasts were social events, after all! That’s why there’s a lot of chatting, meeting new people; even business opportunities arise in such a relaxed atmosphere.

“Top-notch experience. I’m coming for more!”

The culinary event is intended for adults and all “gourmet souls” who always like to experience new tastes and different, exotic food. It is important that they eat meat and/or fish. The maximum number of guests is 9. Roman tastes take place from May to October, because it is an event out on the open. In case of bad weather, the event is rescheduled to another date.

More about the experience:

Dragan Zlatanović for Visit Izola
Dragan Zlatanović for Visit Izola
Dragan Zlatanović for Visit Izola

Other tastes of Izola

The proximity of the fertile lands provides for a unique blend of Istrian and maritime cuisine. The traditional dishes of the rural outskirts are based on homegrown produce, thriving among the vineyards and olive groves, while the seaside cuisine relies on fish and molluscs. Local homegrown produce is also sold at the farmer’s market during summer. 

Jaka Ivančič for Visit Izola
Jaka Ivančič for Visit Izola
Luka Kaše for Visit Izola

Enjoy the many flavours of Izola – local gourmet events, feasts, or stories from our dedicated caterers! 


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