Discover Maribor – Your Next MICE Destination of Choice!

Maribor, Visit Maribor, Klemen Golob
Maribor, Visit Maribor, Klemen Golob

Explore Maribor, a vibrant MICE destination boasting top events like Opera Night and Festival Lent, along with unforgettable experiences such as wine highlights and chocolate workshops.

Maribor, nestled in the heart of Slovenia, emerges as a MICE destination offering a perfect blend of cultural richness and thrilling experiences. With its array of top events like Opera Night, Festival Lent and Street Food Market, Maribor entices attendees with its dynamic ambiance and cultural diversity.

The city’s charm extends beyond events, offering an array of unforgettable experiences. Delight your senses with the “Rock’n’Roll of Tastes” or embark on a wine journey with “Big Guy’s Wine Highlights” featuring the world’s oldest vine. For adventure seekers, traditional rafting along the Drava River provides a joyful experience, while Aunt Frida’s Chocolate Workshops and Pottery Workshops offer creative indulgence.

Maribor is not just a destination; it’s an immersive journey waiting to be explored, making it an ideal choice for incentive trips.

Explore Maribor now and create lasting memories for your attendees!

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