Discover the thrilling transformations: Julian Alps unveils exciting upgrades for 2024 adventurers

Discover a number of exciting novelties, such as three new stages of the Juliana Trail, revitalized fishing adventures in crystal-clear waters or a unified cross-country skiing. The Julian Alps in 2024 are not just a destination; they are an immersive tapestry of discovery, inviting you to experience nature, adventure, and cultural heritage in unparalleled harmony.

Connecting fishing experiences in the Julian Alps

Explore the crystal-clear rivers, streams, and lakes of the Julian Alps, where nature-loving fishermen will find an irresistible haven. In 2024, a new feature will be introduced to connect the regional community of fishing and fly-fishing enthusiasts.

New cross-country skiing pass

Slovenia introduces a unified cross-country ski pass for the 2023-2024 season, offering access to over 200 km of trails in renowned resorts and the Julian Alps. Explore pristine terrains with flexible ticket options.

3 new stages of Juliana Trail to be unveiled in 2024

Embark on a journey through scenic beauty with three new stages of the Juliana Trail, showcasing Breginjski kot, the westernmost point of Slovenia, and lush forests along the Nadiža River.

Stage 12A: Kobarid – Breginj

  • Journey through the scenic beauty of Breginjski kot, nestled in the heart of Slovenia. This picturesque region is embraced by towering hills, verdant meadows, and the pristine waters of the Nadiža River. Hikers exploring Breginjski kot will encounter untouched nature and a wealth of cultural heritage.

Stage 12B: Breginj – Podbela

  • Stage 12B leads you to the westernmost point of Slovenia, where the architecturally rich village of Robidišče awaits. Descend gradually to the Nadiža River, passing by Napoleon’s Bridge and reaching Podbela. Despite its manageable length, this stage invites you to linger in Robidišče and soak in its unique charm.

Stage 12C: Podbela – Kobarid

  • Traverse lush forests along the Nadiža River for over half of this stage, offering a refreshing escape during the summer months. Follow the winding path as the Breginjski kot ribbon gracefully concludes its journey in the historic town of Kobarid.

Exciting new or upgraded events

Experience exciting events, from skiing competitions in Kranjska Gora to a Comedy Festival in Bled. Delight in cultural festivities, ski championships, and the International Wild Flower Festival.

NEW cycling experiences

Investments in Julian Alps cycling include a Bled to Bohinj Cycling Connection, Vogel Resort’s biking upgrade and new cycling trails in Soča Valley. 

  • Bled to Bohinj Cycling Connection, a significant infrastructure project valued at €19.2 million, addresses safety concerns by providing a secure cycling route, aligns with the Julian Alps community’s commitment to sustainable mobility, and aims to boost cycling tourism. Financed through European funds, municipal contributions, and support from the Republic of Slovenia, this initiative enhances connectivity and safety for cyclists in the region.
  • Exciting Biking upgrade at Vogel Resort: Vogel Resort aims to become a popular year-round destination with the introduction of the Zadnji Vogel gondola to enhance biking experiences on the high-altitude ‘Orlove Glave’ trail. The upcoming project promises added attractions such as thematic hiking trails, a children’s playground, a five-star culinary experience under the stars, and a night-time disc golf park. 
  • New Cycling Trails in Soča Valley: The cycling path linking Tolmin and Most na Soči, unveiled in 2023, has already become one of the most scenic routes in the area.

Upgrades in the Julian Alps ski resorts

Vogel Ski Resort introduces a circular panoramic gondola, while Soriška Planina enhances the winter experience with artificial snow, night sledding and children’s park.

a man riding skis down a snow covered mountain

New innovative experiences in Radovljica

The Farmers’s Table: a new, boutique culinary experience, where Radolca’s finest chefs will spoil your taste buds. 

Farm Cycling Tour around Radovljica: Embark on a cycling adventure through the Radovljica countryside, guided by local experts. This tour intertwines cycling with a seasonal culinary twist, inviting you to savour fresh, locally produced delicacies from the region’s farms. 

La vie en chocolat – Chocolate Town Experience: Elevate your culinary experience of Radovljica with this guided journey through chocolate-infused delights. Visit selected places intertwined with the town’s chocolate legacy.

Gallery of Painted Windows: Embrace the holiday spirit with a fresh addition – the Gallery of Painted Windows in Radovljica’s historic city centre. 

New contemporary art museum in Bled

Witness the creation of the Lah Contemporary museum, set to become a distinctive architectural landmark. Crafted by David Chipperfield Architects, this museum will showcase a unique private art collection.

Celebrate a Century of Alpine Conservation in the Julian Alps!

2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the Alpine Conservation Park, precursor to the Triglav National Park. 

Sustainable Mobility in the Julian Alps

From organized transportation services, on-demand electric van transport in Bovec, and direct connections via electric buses. 

  • Bovec Unveils On-Demand Electric Van Transport: Bovec is making waves with on-call electric van services, part of the Triglav National Park project. Debuting Slovenia’s first electric van, the Toyota Proace Verso, this initiative, supported by the Climate Change Fund, aims for sustainable mobility.
  • Bled – Vintgar Gorge: Introducing a direct connection from Bled to Vintgar via an electric bus.

Other Notable Highlights:

  • Renovation of walking paths to Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora.
  • The introduction of a new central parking lot at Bled near the Bled Sports Park.
  • new ice surface in the Ice Hall at Bled.
  • Renovation of lake infrastructure in Bled.

Explore the Julian Alps in 2024 for an unforgettable blend of nature, adventure, and cultural richness!